Cakes for my 20th birthday

We invite you to discover the original flavors of cakes from the Batida confectionery, perfect for the 20th birthday. Order a unique cake for your holiday and enjoy our sweet creations. Enjoy fast delivery in Warsaw, Konstancin, Łomianki and in the surrounding communes. Take advantage of our offer and make your twentieth birthday unforgettable!


Unforgettable cakes for 20 from Batida confectionery

Are you planning a birthday and looking for the perfect cake? Batida confectionery is a place that will fulfill your confectionery dreams. Our offer is rich in handmade, unique cakes that will be a unique attraction of every event. Batida cakes are beautifully designed and made with the greatest attention to detail, which makes them a real work of art. You will certainly choose the one that will steal your heart from our cakes!

Sweet creations for the twentieth birthday - check our suggestions

In our offer you will find unique designs and cake decorations - so they are not only beautiful, but also unparalleled tasty. We focus on the classics, like dark chocolate or sponge cake superior to currant mousse, but we are not afraid to experiment, offering modern taste combinations. We create decorations by hand, with the greatest attention to detail. We offer various topics - from subtle, minimalist to those inspired by pop culture, containing favorite figures of the jubilee. All this so that our cakes for the twentieth birthday are not only delicious, but also delight with their appearance.

How to choose the perfect cake for your twentieth birthday?

Planning the perfect admission for the 20th birthday can be stressful, but choosing a perfect cake can only become a pleasure if you use our guide tips. The main element to be taken into account is the choice of a cake adapted to the tastes of the jubilee. This can be achieved by choosing your favorite ingredients, flavors or colors.

When choosing a cake for my 20th birthday, pay attention to:

  • Appearance: The perfect cake should delight with its appearance and match the theme of the party.
  • Taste: Focus on the favorite flavors of the jubilee. Do traditional flavors like chocolate or more exotic combinations?
  • Size: The size of the cake should be adequate to the number of guests.
  • Personalization: Add a personal accent, e.g. favorite quotes, name or hobby. Cakes for the 20th birthday, which are adapted to individual interests, always make an impression.

Trends in cake decoration for birthday celebrations

In the world of confectionery, trends in cake decoration for birthday celebrations are constantly changing. Recent trends indicate that minimalism and elegance are gaining popularity. Colorful creams, sugar flowers, shimmering decorations and delicate pastel colors are the most fashionable elements when choosing a cake for my 20th birthday. It can also be seen that we are increasingly deciding not only for traditional, but also unusual forms and flavors. An alternative to classic birthday cakes is e.g. Naked Cake cakes, colorful Drip Cakes, or liked boho style cakes. Nevertheless, the best clue are the personal preferences of the jubilee, which in a unique way will complement the birthday celebrations and introduce an unforgettable atmosphere. The most important, however, is the taste - rich and intense, so that every bite is an unforgettable experience.

Drip Cakes cake - a unique choice for the 20th birthday

At Batida, we will prepare a cake for you in line with the latest trends - one of them is the previously mentioned Drip Cake cake. What exactly is characterized by?

The Drip Cake cake is a sophisticated and fashionable option among desserts, valued for its unique and attractive appearance. Its characteristic feature is the colorful topping, called 'drip', which gently flows on the sides of the dough, creating effective, artistic decorations. Available in different shades, this type of cake can be easily adapted to specific needs or circumstances, which makes it an extremely universal choice for various types of celebrations. Our version of Drip Cake is also distinguished by rich decorations. On it we will find elegant French macaroons, meringues with edible gold accents and fresh, colorful fruits that not only enrich the appearance of the cake, but also give it a unique taste.

Adapting the cake to individual preferences is easy thanks to the possibility of choosing the color of the coating. For example, for lovers of delicate tones, a cake with pink coating and accessories in pastel shades of pink, complemented with a white drip, will be ideal. However, for those who prefer cooler colors, a variant with blue additives and white coating will be ideal. Such personalization allows you to create a cake perfectly suited to the character of any ceremony.

We will be happy to help you place an order for the appropriate cake for my 20th birthday. We encourage you to contact our confectionery!