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Let's go back to 1990, the culinary map of Warsaw was completely different from the one we can observe now ...

"Today, when Jolanta recalls those times, he is touched, thinking about the passion and work that her parents put into what they began. They were not only entrepreneurs, but also artists creating works of art that brought joy and smile to their faces customers. "

Let's go back to 1990, the culinary map of Warsaw was completely different from the one we can observe now. The French bakery - then, about such rarities, nobody even dreamed. Nobody, except Jadwiga Radziszewska, who together with her husband Zygmunt, opened a French confectionery connected to the bakery in the very center of Warsaw.

Jadwiga and Zygmunt Radziszewscy were fascinated by French cuisine and wanted to introduce authentic, French pastries and bread to the Polish market. They decided to realize their dream and open their own confectionery, which would not only offer the highest quality products, but would also contribute to the development of culinary culture in Warsaw.

The beginnings were not easy - there was a lack of experience in running their own culinary business, but also raw materials that were difficult to access in Poland at the time.

It was not the first experience in the business of the Radziszewski family, from 1968 they conducted a large textile studio together, so they believed that if something was done with passion - it would succeed.

Jadwiga and Zygmunt, therefore, did not give in to difficulties and determined their goal with determination. Finally, after many months of hard work and search, they managed to find a place in the very center of the city, which became the seat of their confectionery and bakery. Initially, customers were not entirely convinced to the new store, but they quickly began to convince themselves to taste of authentic French pastries and bread.

Where and when was love for baguettes and croissants?

Jolanta Radziszewska, daughter of Jadwiga and Zygmunt, lived in Belgium for many years. Parents often visited their only daughter. The trips were constantly gathered around the flavors of France. After returning to Warsaw, the longing for the taste and smells of freshly baked croissants was so strong that one day Jadwiga's husband Zygmunt asked: "Why should we not eat such delicacies in Warsaw?" They quickly went to action.

Soon Jadwiga and Zygmunt found the perfect place - the place at Nowogrodzka in Warsaw seemed a hit, central location of the city, windows open to the street. Be close to people - that was the goal. It was 1990, stoves were erected in large windows so that passers -by could observe the entire production process. The smell worked miracles, huge queues lined up under the windows.

Jadwiga and Zygmunt Radziszewscy had the courage to fulfill their dream and introduce France's flavors to Warsaw, which they loved so much. Their passion and determination meant that a French confectionery was created combined with a bakery, which became a cult place in the capital of Poland.

Jolanta, the only daughter of Jadwiga and Zygmunt, remembered these visits to the pastry shop and the bakery of her parents as unusual. For her it was not only a taste adventure, but also emotional. She was proud that her parents create something that makes other people joy.

When Jolanta decided to settle permanently in Poland, she was full of admiration for her parents. Their courage and determination meant that they managed to introduce something new to Poland, something that was not in Warsaw before.

Today, when Jolanta recalls those times, she is touched, thinking about the passion and work that her parents put into what they began. They were not only entrepreneurs, but also artists creating works of art that brought joy and smile to the faces of their clients.

The story of the French confectionery and bakery Jadwiga and Zygmunt Radziszewski is a story about making dreams come true, passion and work, but above all about love for other people and the desire to share the best with them. It is a touching story about a family who created something beautiful and special, which has survived the test of time and constantly attracts people to their interior to enjoy their senses and hearts.

Batida's story is not only a story about a pastry shop and a bakery, but also about a family who, with great passion and love to the taste of baking, has created something special. The daughter of Jadwiga and Zygmunt, Jolanta, was not only a beloved daughter for them, but also associated with the tastiest baking from France, which she met during her stay in Belgium. Together with Jef Damme, a well -known confectionery master, she was a frequent guest in Batida, where she trained employees and helped in developing a pastry shop.

However, life is not always kind, and for the Radziszewski family there was a turning point - Zygmunt, husband of Jadwiga, died. It was a difficult time for everyone, but it was also a moment that forced the family to make important decisions. Jolanta, who lived abroad for years, decided to go back to Warsaw to help her mother lead Batida. It was not an easy task, but Jolanta devoted her time and energy to support her family business. Thanks to this, Batida could continue its activity and continue to enjoy customers with delicious pastries.

This story shows that family passion and love on taste can survive even the most difficult moments. Thanks to the sacrifice and mutual help, Batida successfully works to this day and enjoys the recognition of customers who appreciate the taste and tradition.

"This story shows that family passion and love on taste can survive even the most difficult moments."

Return to Warsaw, however, was not easy - this decision overturned Jolanta's life, who has been living in Belgium for 25 years, 180 degrees. In Belgium there was her home - there she started her family, she had friends and work - in Brussels, Jolanta ran the excellent Ravenstein restaurant, which was in the oldest building of the city. She took the challenge, put everything on one card - she took a risk.

Jolanta knew that a trip to Poland was not only a change in the country, but also completely new professional challenges. She had to get used to a completely different work culture and business approach. However, for the love of mother and team of Batida employees, Jolanta decided to take this challenge.

After arriving in Warsaw, Jolanta got involved in the company 100%. Not only did she help in everyday management of Batida, but also worked on the development of the company. Over time, she managed to introduce new products to the menu, which immediately gained customer recognition. She also introduced modern solutions, such as online orders and non -cash payments.

Thanks to the determination and work of the whole family and the team of employees, Batida has become one of the most famous confectionery in Warsaw. Its products are appreciated by customers not only for a unique taste, but also for quality and tradition. Thanks to this, Jolanta and Jadwiga can be proud of what they have achieved.

Batida is only a year older than Caroline

Caroline, daughter of Jolanta, came with her mother to Warsaw when she was 9 years old. She did not know what the Polish school looks like, she was born in Belgium. My mother enrolled her in a French school in Saska Kępa. Batida is only a year older than Caroline. She celebrated all the holidays that Caroline remembers in Batida, with a whole set of her smells, flavors and people.

Colleagues at school could not imagine school celebrations without cakes that Caroline brought from Batida. Immediately after class, instead of home, she ran to the confectionery - here was her second home. It was in Batida that Caroline did their homework, while looking at confectioners and looking how the cakes are prepared - this is how her great love for confectionery began.

Today, Caroline is a vice president of the company that is managed by her mother, Jolanta. Together, they work on the development of Batida to maintain its leadership position on the confectionery market and continue the tradition of high -quality products, behind which the company has been known for years.

"Family is a force that allows you to conquer the world."

Batida is primarily a history of passion and hard work. Caroline, today's vice president of Batida, is a graduate of one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world - Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Completing even a cooking or confectionery course at this school is the dream of many professionals from the culinary industry.

However, the history of Caroline and Batidy reaches further than just culinary schools. Many employees of the company remember Caroline as a little girl who played at company events. Today he is an authority for them, which thanks to his diligence and modesty achieved many successes.

Therefore, it can be said that Batida is a company with a female sense of taste, passion and ambition that cares for every detail. A company that bases its activities on continuous development, but also on ensuring the best working conditions for its employees- many of them have been working in Batid from 1990 to this day.

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