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Food Lookbook | 2022-2023

Offer for gastronomy

Batida is a company that has been recognizing among professionals from the gastronomy industry for years. Thanks to many years of experience and practical business knowledge, the company is able to offer its clients the highest quality food's collections, mono portion - set menu, cakes and hotel inserts.

Each of the products offered by Batida is carefully prepared from the best ingredients, thanks to which they delight not only with taste, but also with appearance. We attach great importance to the aesthetics of our products, which makes them ideal for various types of celebrations, such as weddings, baptisms, banquets and conferences.

Batida's offer also includes a line of deeply frozen products, which means that they can be stored for a long time, without worrying about losing freshness or taste. Thanks to this, customers can be sure that they will always have delicious, ready to serve desserts or hotel inserts at any time.

Batida is a company that always focuses on customer quality and satisfaction. Therefore, each order is individually tailored to the client's needs and expectations, and the team of our professionals will make every effort to ensure that each product is perfectly prepared and delivered on time. So if you are looking for unique, tasty and aesthetically made sweets for your place, it is certainly worth asking us for support.

Katarzyna Starzyńska, Sales Director of Horeca

Working in the hotel and catering industry for over 30 years, I understand the needs of customers sensitive to the latest and healthiest product, as well as the needs of chefs, who, in addition to the highest quality, expect proper conversion of the price. We provide this quality, guaranteeing convenience for professionals from the HoReCa sector. When introducing individual products from the HoReCa line, I always think about the emotions that the final customer is to feel. It is at this moment that I discuss with chefs. We want to evoke specific emotions, we want to sign up. Personally, I think that supporting hotel chains such as Hilton or Accor is our great success. The awareness that Batida sweets appear on the tables of the best hotels in Poland, and during coffee breaks guests treat themselves with fresh snacks prepared by our chefs, motivate me to continue action and makes me look with optimism to the future.

Local suppliers

Seasonal products

We have our favorite
local suppliers, farmers from
blood and bones on which always
We can count.

Finger Food

An example of a sweet snack proposal

1. Cinnamon pebble with peanut chase
2. Nut pebble from Yuzu
3. Tarte Tatin on a shortbread almond cake
4. Chocolate tartette with chocolate nibs
5. Pumpkin tartlet with vanilla cream and cinnamon
6. Caramel tartlet with nuts

People say

In our kitchen, we focus primarily on seasonality and Polish, local products. The combination of Polish tradition with flavors from around the world is extremely inspiring.

Caroline Radziszewska, Vice President

People say

Intense taste, the best quality chocolate, surprising structures, quality of ingredients - all this consists of a product that comes out of my confectionery workshop.

Mira Bogucka, Creative Chef


Katarzyna Starzyńska

Karol Radzikowski

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