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Our snacks are carefully designed to satisfy various tastes and nutrition preferences. The ingredients we use are of high quality and come from local, proven sources, which guarantees freshness and the best taste. In our mini catering we also offer seasonal fruits and vegetables, which are rich in nutritional value and reflect flavors and aromas characteristic of a given period.

In addition, our snacks are beautifully presented, which makes them a great table decoration. Their aesthetic finish and elegant packaging make them an ideal solution for various occasions, from business meetings, through birthdays, to romantic dinners for two.

All these features make mini catering and snacks in eco boxes an ideal choice for people who want to enjoy the taste and at the same time take care of the planet.

Mini catering

Box savoury

Modern dry snacks and sandwiches in eco boxes are a great solution in the context of business meetings in the office. Here are some of their advantages:

  1. Ease of preparation - Eco boxes are ready to be given, which makes it easier to organize the meeting and saves time.
  2. High quality - dry snacks and sandwiches in eco boxes are prepared by experienced chefs and consist of high quality ingredients, which will satisfy even the most demanding guests.
  3. Diversity of flavors - Eco boxes offer a variety of flavors, thanks to which every guest will find something for themselves.
  4. Aesthetic packaging - Eco boxes are aesthetically packaged, which adds prestige to a business meeting.
  5. Ecological responsibility - Eco boxes are made of ecological materials, which emphasizes the ecological responsibility of the meeting company.

Thanks to these advantages, modern dry snacks and sandwiches in eco boxes are increasingly chosen by companies organizing business meetings in the office.

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A wealth of taste

vegetables and seasonal fruits
from local crops

Ecological packaging

in the form of white, elegant
Cartons with the Batida logo

Implementation in 48h

from Monday to Saturday

Mini catering

Sweet box

Modern mini desserts in eco boxes are a great way to satisfy sweet whims in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. Here are some advantages of this solution:

  1. Healthy ingredients - Desserts in eco boxes are prepared from seasonal fruit and quality chocolate, without artificial dyes and preservatives. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the taste without fear of impact on health.
  2. Environmentally friendly packaging - Eco boxes are made of biodegradable or at least recycling materials, which reduces the amount of waste and pollution.
  3. Less water chewing - Thanks to eco boxes you do not need to use disposable vessels, which in turn reduces the amount of water used to wash them.
  4. Aesthetics - Mini desserts in eco boxes look very aesthetically and appetizing, which makes them a great solution for parties and events.
  5. Diversity - In eco boxes you can find a lot of different types of desserts, depending on the taste preferences and the season.

Mini desserts in eco boxes are a great solution for people who value healthy, natural and ecological food, and at the same time do not want to give up the pleasure of eating sweets.

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Check the offer

Our obligations

Batida for the environment

Batida not only offers tasty and high -quality products for its clients, but also undertakes a number of activities aimed at protecting the environment and sustainable development. Here are some ways that we use to take care of the environment:

Batida on iHelped.tlatay

Zero waste

In Batida, the products are used until the very end. Simple examples: We make breadcrumbs
We prepare broth from our own bread, and from the components.

STOP Plastic

We eliminate plastic take -out accessories maximally - we use glass, reusable straws, jars and wooden cutlery.

Waste restriction

Sustainable and manual production process - we were able to develop an appropriate, effective sales forecast, which provides as little losses as possible
from produced dishes.

Fair trade

We use only chocolate for production
with Fair Trade certificate. The Fair Trade mission is to combine producers and consumers in an adverse situation, promote just trade conditions and enable producers to fight poverty.


What is worth knowing

Mini catering

Yes, we offer disposable articles - paper forks and wooden articles.

If you want to modify the set, write to us. Modification is possible depending on the availability of products.

We will deliver your order with a special car adapted to transport food, which is equipped with a cold store. Thanks to this, regardless of weather conditions, the products during transport have ideal conditions.

The minimum order amount with delivery is PLN 45 gross plus delivery.

Cost: 38.00 PLN-Warsaw districts: Śródmieście, Żoliborz, Wola, Targówek, Praga-Południe, Praga-Północ, Ochota, Mokotów, Italy, Wilanów, Wyłów, Wawer, Ursynów, Ursus, Rembertów, Bielany, Białołęka, Bemowo,

Cost: PLN 38.00-municipalities adjacent to Warsaw: Piaseczno, Konstancin-Jeziorna, Józefosław, Łomianki

Cost: PLN 50.00 - municipalities adjacent to Warsaw: Izabelin, Piastów, Ożarów Mazowiecki, Nadarzyn, Pruszków, Józefów, Marki, Jabłonna, Czosnów, Raszyn, Stare Babice (Babice Nowe), Izabelin,

Cost: PLN 60.00 - municipalities neighboring Warsaw: Wiązowna, Otwock, Kobyłka, Zielonka, Wieliszew, Izabelin, Legionowo, Halinów

In the case of reporting the need for delivery outside the standard supply area, the cost of the service is determined individually, each time for verification and acceptance by Batida. Batida maintains the right to refuse to accept the order due to the delivery address, which causes the inability to deliver to the indicated address within the prescribed period.

If the delivery, despite the courier attempts, is not received, it will be ordered to wait until the end of the day the next day in the boutique ul. Królewska 2 in Warsaw, between 10:00 - 19:00.


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