Cakes for 18th birthday

Are you looking for a unique cake for the 18th birthday? Bady Batida is a guarantee of unique flavors and a great appearance of the cake that will delight every jubilee. Choose the delivery of our cakes in Warsaw, Konstancin, Łomianek or other nearby municipalities and making this day really special.


The unique taste of the cake for eighteen

When the time comes to celebrate the eighteenth birthday, there is nothing better than cakes for the 18th birthday than Batida. Our offer will delight you with original, unique and extremely diverse flavors, which we always adapt to the needs of customers. Every cake is unique - just like every birthday!

We create the tastiest and most unique cakes in the Batida confectionery - Batida cafe. Our original flavors are more than just dessert - they are real masterpieces of culinary craftsmanship.

Here are a few of them:

  • Black currant - vanilla sponge cake, vanilla mousse, blackcurrant and nut crunchy.
  • Duet - vanilla sponge cake, white chocolate mousse, milk chocolate mousse, feuilletine (crunchy chase based on nut paste and milk chocolate).
  • Red Velvet - a cocoa sponge cake in red, a light cream based on Italian mascarpone and Polish white cheese and a substantial portion of sweet raspberries.

Each of them speaks to different taste preferences, which makes our offer really special. What's more, birthday cakes 18 years from Batida are not only tasty, but above all they provide an unforgettable experience. We know how important the 18th birthday is, which is why we make every effort to deliver to you, which will be a perfect complement to every birthday party.

Personalization of cakes for the eighteenth birthday

Do you dream of cakes on the 18th birthday with a musical motif for your son who is a rock passionate? Or maybe your daughter is a fan of horse riding and she would fall in love with the 18th birthday for a girl with her favorite animals? We realize how important personalization is in the case of cakes for the eighteenth birthday - they often constitute an integral part of the memories of that day. That is why we always make every effort to ensure that our cakes for the 18th birthday for a boy or girls are not only tasty, but above all the original and what you expect. We will be happy to choose the best personalization of the cake with you, which will delight all guests!

The perfect birthday cake - inspirations

Celebrating the 18th birthday is a special event that deserves an unforgettable cake. In addition to the fact that the cakes for 18. For a boy and a girl from Batida are delicious, they also have a unique design, reflecting the character and interests of the jubilee. Looking for original ideas for a birthday cake, we can be inspired by the following suggestions:

  • Traditional chocolate cake decorated with fruit and candles in the shape of an 18.
  • A fresh summer cake with fruit, with optimism and joy of life beating him.
  • Vintage style cake, commemorating childhood moments on beautiful, handmade decorations.
  • A modern cake with personalized elements, such as favorite colors, works of art, hobby and passions.

In our offer you will find both minimalist cakes and more advanced proposals, richly decorated. It is certain that each of them will delight you with their beauty and detail!

How to choose the perfect 18th birthday cake?

Although the eighteenth birthday is a breakthrough moment in the life of each of us, choosing the perfect cake can be a considerable challenge. It is crucial to take into account the taste of the jubilee or jubilee in terms of taste and aesthetics of the cake. For example, when choosing a cake for a girl's 18th birthday, take care of the more delicate look of the cake and a sophisticated taste. Subtle colors, sugar pearls, marzipan flowers or the motives of your favorite music band - these are just some of the suggestions. Below we present some general tips that will help you make the decision:

  • Take into account the flavor preferences of 18 -year -old or 18 -year -old.
  • Choose a unique design that will reflect their interests or passions.
  • If the Jubilat or Jubilatka have a favorite sweetness, consider adding it to the cake.
  • Take care of aesthetics - the cake should look as good as it tastes!

Regardless of your choice, remember that the cake is not only dessert, but also an expression of love and appreciation for the jubilee. In Batida, we understand this perfectly, putting our whole heart and commitment into our baked goods.

The most popular cake motifs for 18th birthday

Making decisions about choosing a theme for birthday cakes for 18 years can be difficult taking into account the extremely wide selection of available options. However, our offer includes the most popular and most desirable trends - thanks to this you will not have a problem with choosing a fashionable and tasty cake. You can decide, for example, a cake proposal called Boho Dream or Drip Cake. Boho Dream is a proposal that will perfectly fit into the 18 -style boho style, and Drip Cake will delight you with his sweet - literally and in anxiety look!

How to choose the number of portions of a birthday cake?

Choosing the right number of portions of birthday cake is crucial so that every guest can enjoy this sweet element of the ceremony. What to look for when estimating them? The most important factor is the number of people who will take part in the ceremony. It is always better to have a little more cake than not enough to avoid situations when someone stays without a portion. The standard portion of the cake is usually about 100-125 grams per person. For children, portions may be slightly smaller. Remember that portions can be different depending on the type of cake - for example, rich chocolate cakes are usually served in smaller quantities. Information on how many portions can be obtained from a given cake size is usually available from confectioners. For example, a 20 cm cake can provide about 10-12 portions.

The type of party also matters. At more formal celebrations, where various dishes are served, the smaller cake will be sufficient. However, at events where the cake is the main attraction, it is worth providing larger portions. If you are planning other sweets, such as cookies or cupcakes, you can opt for a smaller cake because it will not be the only dessert.

If you also know that your guests are great lovers of sweets, you can opt for a larger cake or larger portions. In turn, in a group where sweets are not so popular, a smaller cake should be enough. The size of the cake also affects the presentation. A larger cake can make a greater impression and be more effective, but remember that quality and taste also counts.