Żurek or white borscht? Easter dilemmas.

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Żurek or white borscht? This year we have no dilemma!

Easter is a time when traditional dishes reign on Polish tables. One of the most important dishes on this holiday table is soup. There is often a dilemma of what kind of soup to choose - sour soup or borscht White with horseradish? This year, we encourage you to put white borscht with horseradish, which will certainly delight the palates of many gourmets.

White borscht with horseradish, which we offer in our online store, is a soup that consists of various ingredients. Among them are, among others: smoked ribs, beef and chicken. Thanks to this combination of meat, white borscht with horseradish gains a unique taste and aroma, which will certainly appeal to all gourmands.

We also use carrots, celery and onions to prepare white borscht with horseradish, which give it a characteristic taste and aroma. Finally, add sourdough, 36%cream, horseradish and marjoram to get the perfect consistency and taste.

White borscht with horseradish is a soup that will definitely impress guests during a Christmas dinner. This is a great proposition for people who want to try something new and surprise their loved ones with the original dish.

We invite you to ours online store, Where you can order white white borscht and other snacks and dishes for the Easter table. All products come from our local, proven suppliers, which guarantees their freshness and taste.

We assure you that borscht White with horseradish This is an ideal proposition for people who want to take up the challenge and try something new. It is a dish that will certainly delight your palates of your guests during a Christmas dinner. Instead of a traditional sour soup, put white borscht with horseradish and enjoy the unforgettable taste and aroma.


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