Red Velvet return to Batida boutiques!

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There are two reasons why this cake returns to us every summer. First of all, you ask about them out of season. We have the impression that you just love them. The second is that the raspberry season is in full swing. Raspberries are one of the main ingredients of the dough. Batidy confectioners together with the boss of the pastry shop, Mira Bogucka, are waiting for these warm summer days to introduce one of your favorite items to our collections.

Red VelvetAs the name suggests, it velvet red. A unique baking not only characterized by the depth of red. He owes its smooth consistency to the Italian mascarpone cheese combined with Polish cottage cheese. The cheese mass is laid out with a cocoa sponge cake, which gives the dough fluffiness. The composition complements The taste of fresh raspberries. The unique combination of cheese flavors, cocoa and juicy raspberries makes the dough gain a typical summer and crisp taste. The whole is sprinkled with a red sponge cake with a plush structure.


The first bite is sweet and creamy, with a cocoa aftertaste. In each subsequent one, you just melt. Fresh raspberry fruits break the velvet structure with their juiciness. Delicate, smooth, as should be a cake, created for summer meetings with loved ones. It tastes like nothing culinary masterpiece Hidden under elegant red.



Red Velvet You can buy in three sizes. Take a look as soon as possible to our online store, where in the tab mono portions, Standard cakes and larger sizes cakes You will find Red Velvet in various forms. You will order cakes with delivery to each indicated place in Warsaw and the surrounding area. The cake is an ideal proposition for a gift, but also fantastically fit to put them on the table during family meetings. Baking is also available in Batidy boutiques.

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