Sweets on the occasion of Children's Day from Sunday in Batida boutiques!

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This special day requires exceptional flavors, which is why after many tastings with the participation of children, we selected a new, original Chocolate-Mango taste on a coconut sponge cake without white sugar, which is the leitmotif of up to two of the three dedicated mono portions.

Unusual joy, complete smile, unrestrained honesty, unlimited curiosity and imagination. Childhood is sweet! The more it suits our tradition.

In sweet collection on the occasion of Children's Day We have created, among others, a dessert inspired by the figure of Batman, a rabbit and a raspberry tart with funny emoticons. Your children will be delighted with the variety of shapes and flavors. Are you curious what we have prepared for you?

1. Chocolate bunny.

There is something special in this mono portion that does not allow you to take your eyes off it. The shape of a rabbit with large ears, a charming nose and painted mustache will smile not only the youngest guests. Created on the basis of a chocolate mousse, filled with an exotic layer of mango flavor, on a coconut biscuit without the addition of white sugar. Sweet? Delight yourself.



2. Chocolate Batman.

Batman is the leitmotif of another portion mono from the latest collection for Children's Day. This super hero already knows another generation. Today we are experiencing comic stories from Gotham City with our children on the couch. Fighting evil and helping people, despite the passage of years, still arouse the same emotions. The taste of the dessert is identical to the bunny mentioned above. It's ours original tastewhich we chose during tasting with the participation of children.



3. Tart without lactose with an emotic.

We associate raspberries with only one - with sweet moments from childhood. After hours of playing hide and seek, drawing chalk on the pavement, playing on the beater, jumping into rubber and through the skipping rope, they tasted best from the bush in the grandmother's garden. This unforgettable taste of our condenser has condensed in crispy dough tarts, which is entirely without lactose.



You can see a sweet collection created for children's day in mind e-shop.

It is also possible to place an order for the products you choose with the implementation from May 30.

From Sunday, we also invite you to Batida boutiques to celebrate these wonderful moments with your children.

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