See the Sweets collection on the occasion of Mother's Day!

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Mother's Day is one of the most important days among calendar holidays. As every year, we would like to celebrate this important time with you. We have prepared a special, sweet line of products on the occasion of Mother's Day so that each of you can choose something from the heart to the heart.

Thanks to the prepared collection for mothers through Mira Bogucka, Head Pastry Chef in Batida, you can sweetly celebrate this day and surprise your mother with a variety of flavors and textures. Cookies and sets, prepared with impeccable care, will also be extremely decorated with the table.

See what cakes on the occasion of Mother's Day Mira Bogucka prepared with her team.

1. Creamy meringue with fruit.

Sweet and fragile, its center filled with fluffy cream and fresh fruit. She is the sweetest proposition, but it is not as sweet as your mothers' smile. A special day is exceptional memories. That is why we have prepared a meringue in a new setting.

2. Strawberry tart

Strawberry tart filled to the brim with vanilla cream and covered with sweet, fresh strawberries. Extremely matched circumstances of this important day with the juicy red strawberries bring only one feeling - love!

3. Mono portions for Mother's Day.

One of the best ideas for a gift for mothers are cakes or flowers. We combined these two ideas together. To surprise your mother's unconventional approach to a gift, we offer an exotic in taste rose, sweet lychee tart and pistachio pebble with a cherry-chocolate flavor.

4. A set of mini desserts.

This is a proposal for mothers who expect their children in guests. The perfect set after the nicest moment on this day, complex wishes, when the smell of brewed coffee is already floating in the living room, and children are waiting for a sweet treat. We offer four views of the mini desserts: tartette with vanilla cream and strawberries, a tartlene filled with lychee mousse and vanilla cream, a pebble with champagne mousse and strawberries and a Toscaka, i.e. a pormed cake with almonds in caramel.

Sweets on the occasion of Mother's Day are available stationary in our boutiques in Warsaw and Konstancin, but do not forget about the possibility of ordering a gift by ours online shop - There you can choose the delivery option and make my mother a sweet surprise by ordering sweets with delivery to the door.

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