See the 5 best meat dishes for a picnic grill!

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It has become common that the picnic period begins the barbecue season, which is why we are waiting for the first warmer rays of the sun just after Easter, and we think more and more often in the fresh air. Today we tell you what meat products are best thrown onto a grill grate.

Warsaw, like spring buds of trees, flourishes beyond recognition at this time. Life takes on colors, the inhabitants shed gray and winter to finally breathe their heat and outline the new rhythm of the day.

Catering with home delivery is one of the most convenient proposals we have to offer you. The long May weekend is fast approaching, so today think about what you will serve the loved ones at the first meeting opening the barbecue season. Go shopping at ouregabout e-store - Batida catering reaches each address indicated, straight to your green gardens.

Below you will find some of our favorite meat proposals, which can not be missing during the first meetings with loved ones at the grill or bonfire.

1. Chicken skewers And vegetables are the perfect dish at first glance. Light chicken meat is baked quickly. It is his taste in the composition with grilled vegetables is like an aperitif before the next rarities.


2. hamburgers They have the unquestioned kings among grill delicacies. Traditional beef or vegetarian cutlets combined with a crunchy roll, a set of fresh vegetables and a hand -made sauce will spectacularly distribute each grate.

3. ribs Marinated in drinking honey with dried plum are an outstanding proposition. From a simple taste of meat, the chef, Marzena Hajn, brought the quintessence of May moments. It is definitely a dish that should be on your grill.

4. Beef cheeks With vegetables in own sauce, it is the latest interpretation of Marzena Hajn for a May grill. It might seem at first glance that it is a restaurant dish that seems to be too exquisite on the grill. Nothing could be more wrong - juicy, delicate meat melts in the mouth right after the first bite.

5. Grilled sausage is a tradition of tradition, which is why we give it a place in our ranking. Delicate cuts filled with pieces of red onion and paprika, all glazed with oil with garlic. The perfect way to 'fast and tasty'.


Majówka catering with home delivery in Warsaw and the surrounding area will save time. Admit it, it's priceless. Steal it for the most important moments of closeness with family and friends, we will take care of the rest, and the May Garden Party will be remembered by all invited guests.

It remains to choose your favorite barbecue sets in Batida e-shop And trust in the culinary craftsmanship of Batida's chef, Marzena Hajn, who has often offered you cooks' masterpieces straight from under her knife.

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