Family history closed in taste-Batida celebrates the 30th anniversary

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For 30 years, Batida has been serving one of the best cakes in Warsaw for 30 years and in January the company celebrates its jubilee.

At the beginning, Batida was a French bakery combined with a confectionery - in 1990 no one with such rarities in Warsaw even dreamed. Nobody, except Jadwiga Radziszewska, who together with her husband Zygmunt, opened such a place in the very center of Warsaw.

Where and when was love for baguettes and croissants? Jolanta Radziszewska, daughter of Jadwiga and Zygmunt, lived in Belgium for many years. Parents often visited their only daughter and the trips focused around local flavors.

After returning to Warsaw, the longing for the taste and smells of freshly baked croissants was so strong that one day Jadwiga's husband, Zygmunt asked: "Why should we not eat such delicacies in Warsaw?", From thought they quickly went to action.

The first place was located at Nowogrodzka Street - central location, large windows. He fulfilled his goal perfectly - to be close to people. Piece was erected near large windows so that passers -by couldobserve the entire production process.

In time, Jolanta Radziszewska returned to Poland to lead Batida with her mother. Over the years, Jadwiga retired and Caroline Radziszewska - a graduate of the Paris school Le Cordon Bleu joined the company's co -conducting the company.

The precursor and creator of the original taste of Batida is the Belgian confectionery master Jef Damme. To this day, a close friend of the Radziszewski family. Damme moved the craftsmanship of Belgian confectionery to the Polish ground, training and conveying the acquired workshop, still holding Chef - Mir Bogucka.

One of the first desserts prepared by Jef and Mira, an irreplaceable duo of confectionery masters, was a chocolate mousse in petals in white and milk chocolate. This dessert has conquered the hearts of Varsovians and has been a Batida sales hit for 30 years. He was chosen as a symbol of the company's jubilee - the legend dessert. In January, it is additionally decorated with a jubilee seal.

A seasoned kitchen is run in Batid by chef Marzena Hajn. She is responsible for the famous ducks - baked in whole or the leg of Confit. Polish cuisine served in a modern form is certainly the hallmark of Marzena.

Currently, Batida is a team of professionals who run a visionary company.

Only thanks to the involvement of the whole team during the Pandemic period, difficult for all gastronomy, new product lines were launched, the online store was rebuilt and Catering Orders for Christmas broke all records from previous years. This allows you to optimistically look into the future, because Batida is a strong team and a constantly expanding group of customers.

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