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On this day, every little thing is of particular importance, but usually the cake is the main element of surprise for the child and guests. In our Warsaw confectionery, we care about the unique aesthetics of occasional cakes, which is why creating a separate collection for this special ceremony was something natural and obvious.

All cakes that we prepare in the Batida studio are based on the own recipes Head Pastry Chef, Mira Bogucka, which has been associated with the brand since the beginning of the company's existence.

Below is this year's offer of communion cakes dedicated to 2021.


1. Elegant cake

This cake is simplicity and sweet elegance. You can choose this cake for both boy and girl. Finished with white marzipan mass and decorative, edible lace. The decorations are contrasting live flowers and a silver topper, which emphasizes the importance of a special day.

2. Rustic cake

We dedicate the rustic Semi Naked Cake to those parents and children who live in harmony with nature on a daily basis and are obsessed with everything that is natural. A cake with live flowers, white macaroons and a wooden topper, lubricated with crème pâtissière without the addition of sugar-marzceptic mass.

3. Natural cake

If your and your family's motto sounds "the closer to nature, the better" - a natural, white drip cake with white live flowers and leaves is a great choice for your child's communion. The cake is a reflection of peace and harmony. Finished Crème Pâtissière without the addition of sugar-marzceptic mass, drip made of white chocolate.

4. Subtle cake

Subtle, delicate, girlish - these are the best adjectives that can be associated with this cake. Prepared in pastel-herabacco colors, combined with live flowers arranged tonally from light pastel-troops to strong pink-burgundy. Excellent, girlish contrast to communion white.

We are convinced that among the presented cakes, everyone will find a type that meets expectations - but if you are interested in a special presentation - speak to us. We are open to all suggestions and we will be happy to prepare your dream cake!

Are you interested in a personalized cake? Write to Kasia.

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