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Christmas is undoubtedly magical. From the beginning of December you can feel a festive atmosphere in the air - you can see it on the shelves of supermarkets, in which the speakers often resounds the famous 'All and Want for Christmas is you', in the shop windows there is no short Winter teas, and the streets are illuminated by Christmas illuminations.

The loved ones bustle around the house, slowly fulfilling their duties. The smell of pine is intertwined with the glow of lights thoroughly hung on the holiday tree. In the fireplace, hot pieces of wood shoot vigorously with sparks. In these Christmas preparations we thought about you and yours loved ones - we composed the Christmas menu that you ordered in online store behindIt will save your time and allow you to close with your family.


Which dishes will you choose for the Christmas Eve table?

This year's Christmas catering offer Prepared by the Batidy team is filled with both traditional and more sophisticated flavors. You will find vegetarian, fish and meat dishes in it. Of course, there is no shortage of classics, without which Christmas would not take place - on the dry side there are, among others: red borscht, Old Polish bigos, herring in three editions and carp. Sweet classics on offer include poppy seed cake, cheesecake, gingerbread and fruitcake.

The taste of Christmas Eve dishes is one of the inseparable components affecting the atmosphere of Christmas. With Batidy dishes that we offer in Christmas catering, Your Christmas table will be filled with a tradition and a unique taste that you talk about and to which you are happy to come back. 

Catering on Christmas Eve should combine the flavors of traditions that resemble childhood times and surprise with form and texture. Two planes of flavors combined in this year's Christmas catering offer nchef as a chef. Taste in dishes prepared by Executive Chef, Marzena Hajn and the chef of Mączna, Anna Wyszogrodzka. Marzena and Ania created flavors that will be a great Christmas memory for many years.


Cakes and sweets on your holiday table


The sweet side of the Christmas Eve table is the confectionery craftsmanship of Mira Bogucka. In her cakes you will find traditional spicy flavors of Christmas in the eye -catching forms, but also delicate cream, in a form referring to the lightness of snowflakes. Every detail is refined with special care for the detail. Christmas sweets from this year's Christmas catering They will not only be a tasty accent among Christmas Eve dishes, but also a decoration on the table at which your family will gather.

It is said that The quintessence of Christmas is the joy of time spent together, closeness and smile of loved ones. We add the taste of Christmas dishes from ourselves Christmas Eve catering offers and table to which you can sit together with your loved ones.


All flavors of this year's offer have collected the magic of the upcoming Christmas. Choose the ones that will be the best proposition for you and your family. Offer for Christmas themST composed in such a way that each of the household members has the opportunity to choose their favorite Christmas dishes.



The possibility of choosing individual pieces and dishes from the Christmas Eve offer is already the annual tradition of Batida. It is a special and touching time for us. Thanks to the work of the whole team, we host many Warsaw home on the holiday tables. We have made it easier for you to place orders. You can complete Christmas catering in the online store.

We deliver Christmas orders in Warsaw and the surrounding area straight to your home.

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