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Pastry Chef, Mira Bogucka, every time he creates a new dessert, cares for the smallest detail. Starting from the taste and ending with the final visual effect. All this to finally Your meetings with your loved ones were even more pleasant. We make this process easier for you to the maximum. You can order all desserts, without exception online store with home delivery or with personal pickup.

Mono portions are one of our leading collections. They are a kind of form reflecting a collection of cakes. Mono portions they have it that Their appearance delights. The first meeting with them is dumbfounded and confused. It's hard to choose to choose. After a while, when the eyes are used to excess colors and arch -shaped, the moment of choosing the taste comes. From classic chocolate, after fruitful Whether creamy. Sweet flavors of the world in a traditional and oriental setting. Every other and Created with a passion for confectionery.

1. Seasonal and exotic fruit flavors.

Rhubarbe Pearl among the measures of the portion. Light and crisp rhubarb mousse filled with rhubarb. The whole is arranged on almond crumble. Refreshing proposal, which is perfect for warm summer days. White chocolate topping complements its sweetness with a slightly sour rhubarb taste. It will surprise you with freshness and delicacy.
Diamond, The bite of this dessert will lose you in a fruity exotic. The bold taste of yuzu, mango, passion and coconut is fantastic. We do not doubt that he will take you into Palm Gaje.
Tart without lactose This is a shortbread almond dough, filled entirely with raspberry filling. Decorated with powdered sugar and dining gold. Dessert love children for the number of raspberries hidden in it.
Love It draws attention to its color, which is followed by the fundamental taste of mousse in this sweet composition, which is a tropical passion. The chocolate sponge cake fills the velvety cream with its light. The eye -catching paddler is made on the basis of white Belgian chocolate and passiflora fruit. In relation to the name - You can fall in love with the exotic of flavors.
Red Velvet This is a light cake based on mascarpone cheese with a fluffy cocoa sponge cake and a substantial portion of fresh raspberries. One of the undisputed hits in Batida for years. A damp, red sponge cake in combination with Italian mascarpone and fresh raspberries is the dream of every palate. Order a dessert with delivery in Warsaw without leaving home.

2. Fantastic cream flavors.

French cream mono portion It is a very simple, but also surprising edition of traditional cream. This is influenced by the caramelization process, which is undergoing puff pastry. The dough bottoms thanks to this procedure are very crispy. Three layers of puff pastry postponed with patissiere cream. It is from it a vanilla taste. Madagascar vanilla chick is unbeatable when it comes to intensity and aroma. This We closed all the benefits in this piece of sweets
Mango cheesecake Traditional Polish taste in an unobvious setting. The base of this creamy mono portion themST cream cheese, it is the leader of the creamy cake consistency. He flawlessly gives him coulis sweets from the juicy mango fruit. The whole composition is embedded on almond crumble of rice flour. Cheesecake is one of the most common cakes on home tables. Especially allow yourself a bit of madness in such an unusual edition.
Meringue with seasonal fruit A fragile meringue filled with a delicate and fresh cream based on mascarpone cheese. The agent is filled with juicy and fresh fruit and pistachio nuts. Meringue is a perfect dessert for any occasion, fantastic taste with the juiciness of fruit and vanilla cream is a great combination.
Naked carrot cake it's layered mono portion, layered with a damp carrot sponge cake with cream based on Italian mascarpone and Polish cottage cheese with delicate pineapple Coulis. Mono portion is decorated with soil from crushed pecans, from which chocolate carrots grow well. You can fulfill your order for all mono portions in ours e-shop with delivery to the address indicated in Warsaw and the surrounding area.

3. Smaks filled with chocolate.

Chocolate mousse sCaptivating not only with the appearance of wavy chocolate. It's real Chocolate Eldorado. The foundation of the cookie is a fluffy chocolate sponge cake, which it creates a perfect chocolate composition with the cream chocolate mousse. We have prepared the mousse based on high -quality chocolate with a content of 70% Belgian cocoa by Barry Callebaut. The essence of the mousse is coated with milk and white chocolate. Supposedly The first bite always takes you to the intensive world of flavors. The sound of crushed chocolate and sublime taste give the only uniqueness.
DuoThey have it that they always go hand in hand. It is no different in this connection. Linking two delicate flavors of milk and white chocolate in fluffy mousses, embedded on a vanilla sponge cake. Everything on the very top decorated with crispy feuilletine chest on the basis of nut paste and milk chocolate.

4. We deliver to the house and office in Warsaw and the surrounding area.

When ordering by ours online shop you have a choice The option of delivery to the address indicated or collect your order at Batida boutiques. We invite you to visit our premises on Krakowskie Przedmieście, in Hala Koszyki and in an old paper mill.

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