Christmas sets of gifts.

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Christmas time is all the more beautiful when we have the opportunity to show gratitude to which we interact with every day. Gratitude is one of the most valued values ​​nowadays. Thanks to Christmas gifts, you have the opportunity to show it in the sweetest form.


Christmas moments allow you to stop for a moment and appreciate what we have around us. The simplest gestures give the most luck. Batidy Christmas gifts sets are created for your family, friends and colleagues - show your loved ones that they are important to you.

Create your gingerbread forest in glass

This year, the creative department of Batidy thought about everyone, large and small ones who love to give gifts, but also be gifted with them. Gingerbread forest in glass This is a Christmas gift proposal that will make the whole family to act.

In this gift set you create your gingerbread forest in a glass jar. For sticking gingerbread walls of the house, decorating Christmas trees or gingerbread ornaments, engage your children or friends. It's great fun for everyone and a great Christmas decoration for your home.

A creative Christmas gift is a great solution for Mikołajki, which is the perfect moment to give your closest time together. Thanks to these gifts, you can start preparing together for magical Christmas.
Christmas Advent set inspired by "Nutcracker"

The theme of this year's Christmas in Batida is the theme of "Nutcracker". Following this thought, we decided to create a set that will refer to a fairy -tale story.

IN Advent gift kit You will find an Advent calendar, thanks to which you will count the days to Christmas in the sweetest possible way Christmas. In the Advent calendar windows you will find 24 delicious chocolates in the shape of forest animals. The day by day, starting from December 1, your youngest household members will be eagerly waiting for the next window to open to eat delicious sweetness. Together with the calendar we offer you a colorful gingerbread soldier. A craft figurine produced in the Batida studio by our Head Pastry Chef, Mira Bogucka.

The gift set referring to the art of "Nutcracker" is the perfect Christmas gift. The fairy -tale story about the world of lively toys awakens the imagination of many little viewers. And we let ourselves be carried away by fantasy and returned to memories of childhood thanks to this set.

Basic or Premium? Choose the right Christmas set GiftYOU

Think now which of the holiday sets will be the perfect gift for your employees. With them in mind, we created two sets full of sweet sweets. We are convinced that your pupils will feel special thanks to this simple gesture.

In Christmas premium kit and Basic set You will find everything that can smile a sweetener for a sweets, and who of us is not an enthusiast of sweet flavors?

The Christmas collection of sweets is based on the spicy flavors of gingerbread and milk chocolate Barry Callebaut.

Creating Christmas gift sets is inspiring, but giving excites even more. We can think we have a license for generations! Choose unique sets and enjoy your loved ones, the upcoming magical holidays.

Regardless of whether you are planning a company Christmas Eve and looking for more packages or You are looking for a gift for your loved ones, you can easily place an order by online shop Batids or calling our sales department. We will take your order to the address you indicated in Warsaw and the surrounding area.

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