We explain what the sous-vide method is.

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You have probably wondered what the mysterious sous-vide term often appears in the names of our products has often wondered. We dispel all doubts below.

Translating from French, sous-vide means "in a vacuum". It is a technique for cooking meats, fish and vegetables, which are closed tightly in a plastic bag, are placed in a water or steam bath at a relatively low temperature, not exceeding 100 degrees Celsius.

Preparing dishes in a sack at first glance can be not very interesting, but in fact Sous Vide is a technique mainly used in exclusive and fashionable restaurants. This is certainly caused by the effort with which the preparation of products in this way and having the right gastronomic equipment. However, this is an effort and effort that pays off because thanks to this method the nutritional values, color and structure of the ingredients remain unchanged.

Check what Sous-Vide dishes prepare for you a team of our chefs every day.

1. Sous-Vide pork tenderloin.

Soft and delicate meat, which is served with green pepper sauce on a fluffy potato puree with the addition of blanked Brussels sprouts and crunchy carrots chips. A rarity for meat gourmets who value the taste of pork tenderloin served in an unconventional way.


2. Sous-Vide chicken breast.

One of the two lunch proposals for the spring and summer season. Light chicken breast prepared by sous-vide with baked young potatoes and crunchy vegetables prepared in the form of al dente (carrots, zucchini, parsley), served on herbal pesto. It is an ideal composition on upcoming summer days.


3. Sous-Vide pork.

A traditional dish in the seasonal installment according to the creation of Batida's chef. A delicate sous-vide loin in a roast sauce served with young cabbage seasoned with fresh dill and sprinkled with lemon juice, which gives it a slightly acid flavor. Blanted vegetables in the form of sweet carrots and Brussels sprouts blend in perfectly.


Also in ours delicatessen You will find dishes made using the Sous-Vide method. Let yourself be carried away by the fantasies of our chefs who use the best ways to reach your culinary tastes. They took the perfect taste and freshness of dishes for their priority. Taste our proposals as soon as possible.

Check ours The latest lunch suggestions In online store.

We created them for light and warm days. You can pick up each dish previously ordered in the e-shop in person in our boutiques or we will deliver it directly to your homes in Warsaw or the surrounding area.

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