We have prepared snacks for Euro 2021 matches!

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Events on such a scale cannot do without delicious food. In the home -made fan zone, in addition to a scarf and colorful colors on the cheeks, the most important are snacks. How good it is to celebrate the dream result of the match with a group of friends and a full plate of snacks.


Euro 2021 games start on June 11. We know that you can't wait for the sound of the first whistle from the turf of the Roman Olimpico stadium. Ball in the game, sets of snacks from Batida to Table and Emotions reach their zenith. We present to you what you can surprise your fellowships of football experiences giving them the Euro Boxes composed specially for this occasion.

1. Burger box

Which football fan doesn't love burgers? The combination of two types of mini burgers with beef and fire chop is just the beginning of the feast. For gourmets of dumplings, we fried them and filled them with a white sausage stuffing. We wrapped the dried plum with a slice of bacon in a whiskey barbeque sauce. The set also includes Foccacia with aromatic rosemary and wheat chips in three flavors of your own product. Spring rolls with vegetables blend well with tropical sweet - hot sauce. Hummus, tomato salsa and tzatziki sauce are perfect snack accessories proposed by our Executive Chef, Marzena Hajn.



2. Meat Box

As the name suggests, this is a truly meat set. Typical for fans who can not do without meat taste. We have prepared for you two types of chicken sticks in a spicy and herbal edition. At such an important occasion, there could be a chicken bite in Panko. Great beef kofts on a stick complement this euro box with an oriental taste. Wheat chips in three scenes (salted, paprika, herb) and here they found their place. Tomato salsa, tartar sauce and Guacamole sauce are fantastic Dips, which complement the taste of the meat set.



Remember that in the group stage the Polish team will soon face Spain, Slovakia and Sweden, with which we will play the first match on June 14!

To fulfill the order, we invite all football lovers, but not only them to visit ours online store.

We provide orders directly to your fan zones in Warsaw and its surroundings.

Tasty support!


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