Meet Ilona Luterek, a boutique manager in Krakowskie Przedmieście.

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He has been with us for over 10 years. Those of you who regularly visit the Batidy cafe in Krakowskie Przedmieście have certainly met a charming, smiling and very competent Ilona Luterek. In addition to everyday duties in the boutique, Ilona is responsible for the training of new cafe employees, because who will do it better than practices with passion and heart to people?

Ilona, ​​you are always smiling and positive energy beats you, how do you do it?

- I think I just like what I do and I can enjoy small things. See - we talk at a table in a beautiful June sun, we drink good coffee, we have a delicious cake - it is from these trinkets that you can enjoy these little things. I do it every day. When I go to work, I don't think about what at home, about my problems, I try to be here and now and open myself to the client.

Do you have your favorite customer type?

- I love customers with children, I can advise them and on the other hand we have regular guests in old age, treat me like a granddaughter. I know that like every morning, Mrs. Ewa after Cappuccino with 1 sugar on lactose milk and 2 macaroons will look at us, and on Sunday Mrs. Beata with friends will take his favorite table in the garden and order a cream. Although maybe this time I can persuade her to one of our summer news! (laughs) I think that it is very important to establish a relationship, even a moment of conversation, which, from the perspective of years of work in one place, sometimes goes into the whole family saga.

How do you find time in everyday work?

- Even with a hard day, when we have a set of guests in a cafe, it is important to me to devote as much time as they need. Such a looked after customer will appreciate this, even if he was in the queue before. By the way, some laugh that I read people in my mind - I see a person and I can guess if I choose more fruit or chocolate flavors and knowing the composition of every Batidy cake I can immediately choose the best product for a person.

And what are your favorite Batida dishes?

- Batida is sweet flavors for me first. I love the combination of fruit and chocolate, so my definite number 1 is the dessert through Batida to the heart - not too sweet, with a sour hint of raspberries, perfect! In turn, a quiche stole my heart from a dry kitchen. Favorite taste is the traditional one with bacon, leek and linseed. In combination with a salad, it is a complete dish for me.

What would you tell people who would like to start working in a cafe?

- You must have a heart to this work, you have to like people, go into it all and only then we will achieve the goal, i.e. the client's smile when he leaves the premises and the certainty that he will come back to us again. It is also a physically burdening work, many hours on the legs, but nothing will replace adrenaline as a large group enters the cafe and you have to take care of them. Then I get wings. Working in a cafe is definitely a teamwork.


How do you motivate your team? I know that after re -opening you have several new people under your wings.

- Yes, it is a great joy for me that there are cafes open again and we can take guests again. The empty cafe has completely lost her heart without laughter and the bustle, because the heart of the cafe is people visiting her. As for the band, I just try to set a good example. I think we learn the most by doing something, watching good practices than reading procedures. In Batida, I am responsible for implementing new employees and in these first weeks the most important thing for me is to open their heart to people, not to be afraid to talk, joke, be hosts. I will do nothing in the cafe myself, here the band counts.

Tell us something about yourself, do you come from Warsaw?

No, I am from Greater Poland, the charming village of Saczyn near Kalisz. I have been in Warsaw a little over 10 years, I came with my husband a soldier. We have two wonderful sons at whom I practice my patience (laughs). When it comes to professional matters, I have been associated with the service of guests since my first job - I was a bartender at a local bar. I knew everyone, everyone knew me and working at a bar for a 19-year-old girl was a bit of such a school of life, I met work with people. I saw that I was great at this, the guests came back, praised and gave tips and I felt great satisfaction from work.

I have been in Batida for 10 years, of which over 6 years in a boutique in Krakowskie Przedmieście. I learned a lot in the company about confectionery, sophisticated kitchen, wine, catering. However, I have to admit that the greatest satisfaction is not praised by the management or management, but a nice word from the guest. Today, for example, I heard that I made the best Ever coffee (laughs).

Joanna Puchałka, sales and marketing manager and Ilona Luterek, head of the Batida cafe in Krakowskie Przedmieście, talked to the morning coffee.

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