Must have for a picnic picnic with a grill in the lead role!

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The picnic is the moment after the Easter celebration, which we are waiting for the most. The vibrant urban jungle of Warsaw turns into one huge picnic field for three days, and you can smell the grill in the air around the corner of each streets.

Impatient sun, we are looking for a place to finally appeartickle Grill. INSzystko smells around in spring, we gather among your loved ones and friends to celebrate the first moments of heat and use the bliss at will.

Often you probably get your head what to throw on the grill or what to take with you on a picnic? So that you can enjoy a fully May time without stress, we have prepared a must have, which will definitely make planning easier!

Organ aim picnic Outside the city or in green places, you can let your imagination run wild and organize a real feast not only for the palate.

1. To make your loved ones feel completely comfortable, don't forget about large and warm blankets. They will allow you to make themselves at home, and during a cooler evening they will not let you freeze.

2. The picnic basket is an irreplaceable attribute that will accommodate inTreats prepared for a picnic or grill. Besides, the baskets are #instamood.

3. Pledge is also a fairly important aspect. In the era #eko It is worth buying biodegradable dishes, e.g. paper plates and wooden cutlery. STOP PLASTERS!

4. To complement the fantasy of a trout or ribs sizzling on the grill, be sure to take a one -time grill with you, unless you are a grilling masters and you have a tourist grill in your supply.

5. Always have candles against mosquitoes. Not only that buzzing insects will not break the afternoon moments, when the dusk and the sun arrives, you will hide behind the horizon, you will create an unforgettable atmosphere.

6. It is good to have frisbee, ball or badminton set up your sleeve. Actively time spent is an irreplaceable building blocks of endorphins and allows you to burn a little calorie after a grill feast.

The situation is quite different if you plan to spend the time of picnic in your own garden with your loved ones at a common table and feasting at the grill.

1. Take care of the table appearance. Homemade tableware, candles, napkins - every detail in such circumstances is a pampering addition of your guests.

2. Turn on music suitable in the background, because music relieves customs. For romantics, of course, we recommend listening to the sounds of nature.

3. Be sure to remember about good wine, it always heats the atmosphere. Depending on what you put on a grill grate, choose red wine for meats and white for fish.

4. After a meal, hammock - rocking under the flowering May trees is a great idea to relax.

5. Take it out of the board game from the drawer or simply play with your loved ones in your city. Set up the victory rate and enjoy the time spent together.

Soon Batida's offer for a picnic, Stay Tuned!

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