Jagodzianki is a life!

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They are already in Batidy boutiques and online store! Everyday baked especially for you. Fresh, sweet, soft, filled to the brim with a delicate blueberry filling. Be sure to try a delicious seasonal baking.

The first bite, after a year break, woke up in us the decks of the most delicious feelings. We cannot resist comparison to a summer walk in the woods. Where tall trees gently bury the breeze, a walk among the forest paths lasts for good and suddenly, right next to the ground, the bushes, whose branches, bend from the amount of small, navy blue berry fruits. It is no matter to pass such goodness is a sin! Our forest fruits are created tasty blueberries.


The season for blueberries continues! Learn how Batida's blueberries taste.

Fluffy yeast dough baked in a golden color, sprinkled alternately with crumble and powdered sugar, inside it hides the quintessence of forest taste. It is filled with blueberry filling, which after biting gently flows sideways, dyeing the fingers on the berry. There is so much fruit in the filling that you will not rely on the next bumps. We have reached the news that even those of you who are skeptical about the taste of this dessert, Eating the first blueberry they were already thinking about the next one! This is absolutely not surprising. The cake is brilliant!


We will treat you with blueberry sweets in your home, if you submit Order in the online store with delivery to the address indicated. We also invite you to our boutiques in Warsaw and Konstancin.

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