Halloween Party only with our pumpkin box!

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We release the cobwebs of our fantasy and We offer you an original offer for Halloween. Pumpkin Box is a proposal created for you, your loved ones and time spent together. Your Halloween Party, with a pumpkin filled to the brim with Batida treats prepared especially for this occasion. 🎃

7 -kilo pumpkin is a great set for the upcoming Halloween. In addition to sweets, it also contains gadgets for interactive games together with loved ones. See below what exactly is secretly hiddeny Pumpkin bOx.

1. Pumpkin Box

Inside the pumpkin you will find sweets, prepared by pastry Chef, Mira Bogucka. Delicious vanilla pumpkin -shaped chopper, A set of fragile almond cookies with gandaja In typical Halloween shapes: bloody fingers, a terrifying face of the witch, mini pumpkin and a terrible skull. Inside you will also find two sets of colored macaroons. In the first we suggest A three -color set with a dining piska smiley faces, And we joined the second set of macaroons to make a dining pen so to color the macaroons yourself. They are also in the box Long, bloody toes of the witch, baked with shortbread almond cake. In addition to sweets, the pumpkin holds an orange candle, a cobweb, rubber spiders and gadgets on sticks for a photo session. A whole bunch of sweetness and fun hidden in a pumpkin interior!

You can place an order for this unique set in online store. We will deliver it to the address indicated by you in and the surrounding area.

2. MONO PORCH collection for Halloween

The mono portion collection is sometimes inspired by Halloween. These are 3 desserts with a unique taste and form. Two of them, Scary mask and Black Spider This is a delicious chocolate mousse with blackcurrant filling and a lightly affected thyme, everything covered with dark chocolate. At the top decorated according to the name with a terrifying skull and spider. Sweet Ghost It is a fragile tart filled with lemon cream with an outer layer in the form of an Italian meringue.

Do you already know what you will choose for this year's Halloween fun?



Plan your dream Halloween with Batida! You can now place an order for the Halloween collection in an online store and choose the delivery date to the address indicated in Warsaw and the surrounding area. You can also pick up your Halloween shopping in one of our boutiques, but remember that the pumpkin weighs about 7 kg.

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