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Delicatessen This is the online store department, in which you will find specialties prepared by our two wonderful chefs. Marzena Hajn and Anna Wyszogrodzka are responsible for the unique taste of dishes that you can order from online store with delivery in Warsaw or buy take -out in Batida boutiques.

In the delicatessen you can find mainly soups, dinner dishes and additions in the form sauces, vinaigrettes Whether pies. The offer of flour dishes, recently, has expanded significantly, so we decided to extract another delicate department, Dumplings and dumplings. Are you curious what we have delicious for you? Give yourself to the flavors.
1. Nutritious soups.
In Batidy's kitchen, we catch the most attention to the taste of our dishes. You have a choice among filling creams of white vegetables, tomatoes, baked carrots and sweet potatoes and zucchini. We covered homemade flavors for you in Ukrainian borscht and beef flushes. Soups are the perfect dish in lunch or lunchtime. You will order quickly in online store With home delivery or take take -out in one of our boutiques.
2. Delicious meat dinner dishes.
We have to offer you different types of meat prepared in several different ways. Taste the delicate Beef cheeks with vegetables, confused duck legs Whether pork tenderloin prepared by method sous - vide. You can find many more meat specialties of the chef, Marzena Hajn online store.
3. Various sauces and vinaigrets.


The flavors of the world enclosed in jars. Each of the sauces is distinguished by a characteristic taste. You can choose sauces that are an ideal composition for dumplings or dumplings, warm. Check how it tastes SOS from mushrooms with truffle paste Whether cream sauce with gorgonzola. We also offer cold sauces and vinaigrets for you. They are perfect for salads, meat dishes or crisp fresh bread. The Hit of Delicatessen is inspired by Argentine flavors, created on the basis of fresh herbs Chimichurri sauce. We also recommend Malinowo - balsamic vinaigrette, as an addition to all salads, it works great.




4. Homemade flavors of flour products.


Due to the fact that flour products in ours online store There are more and more, we decided to create a special place for them in the tab Dumplings and dumplings. There you will find proposals of dumplings stuffed with traditional stuffing with cabbage and mushrooms, pork Whether Russian. The head of flour products, Anna Wyszogrodzka, recommends a try dumplings with spinach and feta cheese or stuffed chicken with coriander and curry.



To meet your expectations, we have created a quick online order system. All products are available in the online store. By submitting e-e-mail we will deliver them to the indicated address in Warsaw and the surrounding area.

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