We know the winners of the St. Nicholas' Competition.

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Probably each of us knows the magical novel for children "Nutcracker", which talks about the adventures of little Klara in the world where toys come to life, and the title nutcracker thanks to the godfather Klara, transforms into a beautiful prince.


Due to the fact that the leading butterflyWe have a 'nutcracker' in our female collection this year's collection of Christmas, we decided to prepare a St. Nicholas' Competition, which was settled on December 5 in our social media, and more precisely on our Facebook fanpage.


The prize in the competition was a double invitation to the ballet performance "Nutcracker" to the Warsaw Chamber Opera and a set of Christmas treats from the limited collection of Mira Bogucka - and in them, among others, Advent calendar and a gingerbread soldier with the theme mentioned earlier.


The award was won by Karol Kościesza, who gave the following, touching answer to the competition question about the history of his favorite childhood toy:

"As a child, I was looking for a teddy bear on store shelves, which nobody asks about, who was covered with sadness with one ear. I wanted to hug my favorite hero of Wieczorynka so much. Before Christmas Eve, I found him among other stuffed animals in an inconspicuous toy store. From now on we were inseparable. Finally, the bear, like me, liked to play in the fire brigade and on the train. He talked to echo, he was convinced that he would grow from standing in the rain, he sulky when Pajacyk explained to him that stars were not falling from heaven, but snowflakes. A straightland bear looked at the world through the eyes of a child, and his imagination knew no boundaries. He had disadvantages, but he did not lack advantages, which is why I was particularly close. Now the teddy bear Uszatek is a confidant of my daughter's secrets. Company of play and the companion of her every journey, and above all ... the best friend. The teddy bear helps to soothe difficult emotions and tame fear, and in the evening allows you to wrap him with a blanket and fall asleep blissfully. "

An additional motivation for the participants of the competition was the fact that the main prize was provided by the hero on December 6 - Santa Claus. You will see reports from the award of the award for Mr. Karol and his loved ones below. 🎅🎅🎅



  1. Santa Claus and Mrs. Mikołajowa run late to the modern team with reindeer - Opel Meriva (this is the climate 😂)!


 2. On the way to the winner, excellent moods in the rhythms of All and Want for Christmas is you.



You can find more reports from this wonderful day in a roller "Mikołajki" on ours Instagram!


On December 10, together with Mr. Karol and his family, we will see each other during the performance at the Chamber Opera, and we invite you to follow our relationships on social media.

And participation in the competitions we organize - they are worth it!

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