Exquisite blueberry tart with almond, vanilla and chantilly cream

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This unique blueberry tart is a real feast for the palate, consisting of layers of juicy berries, delicate almond and vanilla creams and airy chantilly cream.

This combination of harmonious flavors and consistency makes it an ideal choice for various occasions - from summer parties to family meetings.

Preparing this dessert may seem complicated, but thanks to our recipe step by step, it will become easier than you might think.

Chantilly cream: This velvety cream, known as a cream cream, is a unique complement to the tart, giving it lightness and a sweet note. Prepared from a few simple ingredients, it is also suitable for storing in the fridge before tart decoration.

Vanilla cream: Vanilla cream is one of the main stars of this dessert, enriching the tart with the deep taste of vanilla. Its preparation requires several steps, but the effect is worth it. The richness of taste and consistency of the cream make it an ideal background for juicy berries.

Almond cream: Almond cream is another important layer of tarts, giving it not only the taste of almonds, but also a pleasant, slightly crunchy structure. This cream combines with vanilla cream and blueberries, creating a complex and balanced combination of flavors.

Preparation of tarts: The first step to create this exquisite tart is to prepare a shortbread bottom, which acts as a basis for all delicious layers. Then comes the time to prepare an almond cream, which is delicate and at the same time full of almond taste. After applying the almond cream to the bottom, the berries are placed on the cream, adding intense taste and color. Vanilla cream, which is one of the main elements of the tart, is thoroughly distributed on berries, creating another layer of rich taste.

At the end is a moment for CHANTILLY CREAM, which decorates the top of the tart and gives it lightness and elegance. Almond flakes, roasted crunchy, are a decorative element, emphasizing the texture and taste of dessert.

This blueberry tart with almond cream, vanilla cream and chantilly is a real masterpiece of taste and aesthetics that will certainly delight every palate and eyes. Here is a recipe that will allow you to conjure up is a unique work of the culinary championship in the comfortable comfort of your kitchen.


The recipe can be found below:

Berry tart with almond cream, vanilla cream and chantilly. 😉

Berry tart


Chantilly cream

You need:

Cream 34% 150g

Powdered sugar sifted 10g

Vanilla chick ¼



Pour well -chilled cream into a mixer, add vanilla beans and sugar. We beat the whole rigidly. Until decorating the tarts, we keep in the fridge.


Vanilla cream

You need:

Milk 100g

Butter 7g

Small sugar For milk 12g *

Small sugar to yolks 12g **

Wheat flour sifted through a sieve 6g

Corn starch sifted through a sieve 6g

Vanilla chick 1/3

Pinch of salt



Milk with sugar*, butter, cut with vanilla pod and salt in a saucepan.

In a bowl, grind yolks with sugar **, starch and flour.

We pull out the cane of vanilla from boiled milk, remove the grains from the inside and add to the milk.

Pour half of the hot milk with additives, mix.

Add the eggs and brewed part of milk to a saucepan with other milk.

Cook the whole, stirring constantly until the cream thickens.

This is how the cream was put into a bowl and cover with foil, hide in the cold room to cool.

Then beat the cold cream with a rod until with a creamy consistency. We add 30 g of chantilly cream and mix again to combine the ingredients.


Almond cream

You need:

Butter 30g

Ground almond 30g

Powdered sugar 30g

Eggs ½

Wheat flour 10g

Berries 50g for sinking in cream

Berries for decoration 300g

Almond flakes roasted in a pan or in the oven to decoration



Grate the butter with sugar. Then add eggs and mix.

We add the almond, mix and finally the flour, mix again.

We put the edge with shortcrust pastry (ours has a diameter of 18 cm / height 2.5 cm)

Apply the almond cream on the lined and admirable dough and spread it on the cream, spread the berries and gently pressing, sink them in cream.

Cool the whole before baking for about 30 minutes



Bake the bottom with cream until golden brown

In my oven it was about 20 minutes at a temperature of about 170 degrees C

Cool the baked bottom with cream at room temperature.

We put vanilla cream and a substantial portion of berries on a cooled down bottom.

Recipe for a tart with blueberries and almond cream

Decorate with chantilly cream and sprinkle with roasted almond flakes.


You can find a video presenting the tart making on Instagram Caroline: 






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