Autumn weekend with plum: a feast of flavors

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Autumn is a time when nature gives us abundant crops, and one of the most iconic fruit of the season is plum. Our confectionery decided to celebrate this unique fruit by preparing a special autumn weekend with plum. For lovers of sweets and lovers of this aromatic fruit, we are pleased to present four unique suggestions that will dispens the autumn chill and delight the palates.


Cinnamon mousse with plum insert

The first proposal is cinnamon mousse with plums stewed with butter and brown sugar, the whole covered with white chocolate and additionally milk with hazelnuts. This is a real delicacy for gourmets. A delicate cinnamon mousse is a great harmony of sweet and spicy taste, and plums stewed in butter and brown sugar add notes of fruit sweetness. The whole is crowned with white chocolate, which gives the taste of delicacy and elegance, and milk chocolate with hazelnuts provides unique texture and aroma.

Plum mousse with Polish plumowica

Another proposal is plum mousse with Polish plum. It is a combination of cream plum mousse with a hint of traditional Polish plumowica, which makes this dessert unique. The contrast between the delicacy of mousse and the power of plumowica creates an unforgettable taste of splendor. This is a great way to crown the plum season.

Tart with plums: almond shortcake

If you are a tart lover, this proposal is for you. Tart with plums in the XL version is a unique taste experience that can be divided with friends or family. Shortbread almond dough is an excellent ground for this exquisite dessert. Almond cream, jacket jam of Hungarian plums and almond crumble with cinnamon create an unforgettable symphony of flavors and textures that spoil the senses.

Tart with plums: Almond shortcake in the XL version

If the standard tart is not enough for you, we have something special - tart with plums in the XL version. This version created especially for 6 people is the perfect dessert for autumn family meetings or parties. It's not just a cake - it's a special moment in which the taste and company combine in an unforgettable way.


The autumn weekend with plum in our confectionery is not only an opportunity to try these unique desserts, but also an opportunity to share the taste of autumn with loved ones. Each of these proposals brings a unique combination of flavors to the table, which takes us straight to the heart of autumn.

Regardless of whether you are a plum lover or just looking for something special for dessert, our offer of the autumn weekend with plum is for you.

Come and taste these delicacies from 22 to 24 September and enjoy the plum season in full!



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