Valentine's Day: Love in the fire of tradition and modernity

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valentine's day

Let the first word of this entry be like a heart - ambiguous. For some Valentine's day It is a day full of passion and romantic gestures, for others - a commercial invention, but is it not worth stopping for a moment and thinking about the true meaning of love?

When Valentine's Day is approaching, the world begins to pulsate in the rhythm of hearts - it is a time when the word "love" takes on a deeper meaning. From the couples in love walking at the glow of stars to long conversations at the fireplace - Valentine's Day remind us that love is ubiquitous and multifaceted.

Love, although universal, has a different shade for each of us. For some, it is a passionate feeling that burns from the inside, for others - a quiet marina, where hearts rest in harmony.

At Batida, we see Valentine's Day as an opportunity to celebrate love in every form. Is it a fiery that warms up the hearts, or the calm, maturing with every jointly drunk morning espresso. We believe that love has many dimensions and each of them deserves sweet accents.

In our Valentine's collection, every dessert is a story.

Amour's heart transfers intense emotions to the world, where every bite of milk chocolate and black cherry mousse is a pinch of drama and passion.



The Rose tart encourages the celebration of love full of harmony and mindfulness - every delicate flake of strawberry mousse is a promise of care and understanding.


But love is also fun and new experiences. That is why our Valentine's macaroons are an invitation to laugh, lightness and sharing joy.


And when you want to say "thank you" for the next year together, Bella will do it for you - Mono portion with a great message.

This year, Valentine's Day can be celebrated differently, but feelings remain the same. Let us help us express them for you - visit ours online shop, where the whole palette of flavors is waiting for you, ready to celebrate your shared moments.

Let this day be a reminder that love, in any form, is the most beautiful gift we can receive and which we can offer to another person.

14 luty miłość walentynki

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