Galette des Rois: Chronicle of the Royal Baking

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Galette des Rois: Travel through France on a plate

Today we are pleased to introduce you to the world of exceptional French baking - Galette des Rois, which comes to us directly from the heart of France, carrying a rich history and a unique taste.

Galette des Rois


Wandering through time: History of Galette des Rois

Galette des Roiswhich we proudly present is not only a dessert, but also a witness to history. The beginnings of this French baking date back to Roman times, when it was part of the winter solstice celebrations. Over time, this cake has become an important part of the celebration of epiphany, i.e. the revelation of the Lord, commemorating the arrival of the Three Kings to the Baby Jesus.

According to tradition, this cake had hidden beans, which was a symbol of fertility and waiting for spring. The person who found beans was appointed "king for one day", which was associated with the reversal of social roles - on this one day, slaves could become gentlemen, and ordinary people - kings. This tradition was known as "the king of beans".

In the nineteenth century, traditional beans in cakes began to be used from porcelain figurines, often depicting characters from the Christmas crib. This change not only added charm to custom, but also became an expression of contemporary social and cultural changes.

In history Galette des Rois There was also a place for controversy. In the 16th century in Paris, a competition broke out between bakeries and confectioneries for the right to bake and sell the cake. Ultimately, the right to baking round Brioche, known as "Gateau des Rois", received confectioneries, while bakeries began to produce what we know today as Galette des Rois.

Thanks to this, Galette des Rois became a symbol of not only tradition, but also the evolution of French culture, maintaining its roots and at the same time adapting to changing times and tastes. Our cake is a tribute to this rich and colorful history, bringing joy and tradition to family tables for centuries.


Galette des Rois - a taste that connects generations

Our Galette des Rois is a combination of butter, shortbread puff pastry with velvet almond filling. In each piece you will find a harmony of flavors and smells that will take you to the picturesque streets of Paris. Tradition requires that it is the youngest family member who indicates who will be what a piece of cake, guaranteeing the randomness of finding a hidden surprise.


Family ritual

When dividing the dough, the youngest in the family covers his eyes when the adult cuts the dough into even pieces. Then the youngest decides who will receive a given piece. This is an old custom that adds charm to all experience. A person who finds a porcelain figurine can proudly wear the emblem of the royal power - the crown attached to the dough, ensuring the prosperity for the whole year.

Invitation to the table

We invite you to experience this unique tradition. Let this new year start with a magical taste that combines history, tradition and unforgettable culinary experiences. Orders on Galette des Rois in our online store can be submitted by January 5.

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