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When the holidays are coming, each of us begins to think about magical moments at a family feast. In Batida, we know how important these moments are, which is why we have prepared an offer that will warm up your hearts and taste buds.

Christmas table

Tradition at your fingertips - Christmas gingerbread and more

Holidays are a time of tradition, and what can be more traditional than Christmas gingerbread? Our Christmas cookies and gingerbread are not only the taste of childhood, but also beautiful gifts for companies. Each of our gingerbread, be it hard gingerbread or delicate and soft, is a small work of art.

gingerbread Christmas tree

Gifts that will light up the senses

When looking for a gift for the Christmas tree, it is worth betting on something special. It can be a traditional Christmas cake, such as poppy seed cake or Christmas cheesecake, or an elegant poppy cake. And if you want to enjoy someone close, order our Christmas cakes to order - already available in the Christmas offer 2023.

Christmas gift

Flavors that evoke the most beautiful memories

There are no holidays without delicious dishes. That is why we have enriched our menu with traditional Christmas delicacies. Christmas Eve dish is not only a phrase with us - it is a promise of a special taste and atmosphere. We offer Christmas dumplings, patties and even Christmas ears with mushrooms - each dish prepared for these most valuable moments.


Christmas Eve catering - convenience and style

Ordering Christmas catering is a great way to enjoy the taste without hours spent in the kitchen. Our Christmas Eve catering includes Christmas Eve dishes, Christmas dishes for Christmas Eve and many others. Thanks to this, you can spend more time with your family and less in the kitchen.

Christmas catering Warsaw - for companies and for private meetings

Are you looking for Christmas catering for companies in Warsaw? Our Christmas Eve catering is a response to the needs of even the most demanding customers. We offer comprehensive service, menu adapted to individual preferences and home delivery.

In Batida, we want our Christmas cakes, Christmas Eve catering and all our Christmas offer to be a source of joy and unique memories for you. We invite you to place orders now to make this Christmas time really unique. Visit our website And ignite the magic of Christmas with us!

catering świąteczny ciasta na święta prezenty pod choinkę

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