Thank Mother Something Sweet!

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Exceptional sweets for Mother's Day - thank my mother with something sweet!

Mother's Day is a time when we want to express our love, gratitude and thanks to the most important person in our lives - our beloved mother. Why not celebrate this special day with something sweet and tasty? We have prepared for you a collection of sweets that will certainly delight and make Mother's Day even more unique.

  1. Flower Heart It is a heart in the shape of a unique cake, which was created especially for Mother's Day. The base of this delicacy is a shortbread almond cake, which gently melts in the mouth, releasing the intense taste of almonds.

    Twice translated by a cream based on mascarpone, the cake melts on the tongue, providing heavenly light consistency. A perfect complement is a blackcurrant jam, adding a notes of sweet and sour taste.

    But it is not everything! The cake is decorated with the greatest care, French macaroons, fresh raspberries, dining flowers and rose petals that give it a unique charm and solemn appearance.

  2. Rumianek-Malina This is a unique cake that we have prepared for Mother's Day, and will certainly surprise and delight every mother.

    A fragile body with almonds and chamomile is an excellent base for the wonderful flavors of chamomile jam and chammelk crimeux. The combination of chamomile with raspberry mousse gives this cake a unique lightness and fruity note. The mirror topping with raspberries and fresh pink flowers adds elegance and beauty to it.

    This mono portion will seal the unique and unforgettable celebration of Mother's Day.

  3. Miss Cotta It is a heart in the shape of a unique cookie, which will certainly delight every mother with her fruity taste.

    Crunchy crumble with pistachios on the bottom of the heart is a perfect complement to the flavors on top. A delicate lemon mousse, strawberry jelly and strawberry Miss Cotta form a harmonious combination of sweets and acidity.

    The addition of orange liqueur gives this cake a unique aroma and depth of taste. Suede finish in powder pink and edible gold give it elegance and class.

These three unique sweets are the perfect gift for every mother who deserves a special treatment on her holiday. They will delight not only her palate, but also eyes and heart. Therefore, do not wait, order our sweet specialties and give your mother a unique taste of joy on Mother's Day.


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