Children's Day in Star Wars?

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Today's children love movies and characters from the Star Wars saga, which is why we have prepared a special collection of products with this motif - all about Children's Day.

Star Wars is not only a popular film saga, but also a source of valuable values ​​that can be conveyed to children. One of the main values ​​that can be drawn from these films is the fight for good and the fight against evil. Children can learn that it is always worth fighting for their values ​​and defend those who are weaker than us. In addition, Star Wars characters teach us that it is always worth hope and fight for a better tomorrow.

It is also worth noting that the films always have motives of friendship and loyalty, which are extremely important in the life of every child. The heroes of Star Wars devote themselves to each other and help each other in difficult situations. This message can help children understand how important friendship is and how important it is to help others.

Another important element that can be pulled out of Star Wars is the science of different cultures and races. Films appear from various planets and breeds, which can help children understand that the world is diverse and it is worth respecting every person, regardless of its origin or appearance.

The last, but no less important value, which can result from watching Star Wars, is the science of strength. However, this is not just about physical strength, but also about the strength of will and determination. The heroes of the Star Wars saga show how important it is to pursue the goal and not give up, even in the face of difficulties.


In our e-shop you will find many treats that will delight not only younger fans, but also the older ones. Let's take a look at ours collection Closer and see what we offer.

Let's start with our unique interactive Galaxy eggs. This unusual egg is made of the best quality chocolate and is filled with chocolate planets in the shape of planets. A wooden hammer is attached, thanks to which the child can break the egg and discover treats inside. In addition, the egg has a dedicated packaging and a thematic band. This is the perfect gift for every young star wars fan.

Another great product in our collection are Star wars' shape cookies, such as Baby Yoda and Clone Trooper. These shortbread cookies vanilla and chocolate They will certainly satisfy younger fans, as well as adult lovers of saga.

The last proposal for Star Wars lovers who want to try something special and unusual Cosmic Stone. Mono portion, inside which hides a velvet chocolate mousse, a delicate raspberry filling and a crunchy chocolate-nut layer with pieces of raspberries, which gives a unique taste. On the top of the dough there is a navy blue, mirror topped decorated with dining silver and silver sprinkles, which gives the cookie the atmosphere of a cosmic journey. We have not forgotten about the unique add -on - on each cake there is a chocolate figurine in the form of one of the icons from Star Wars: Clone Trooper or Darth Vader


Why is it worth choosing something from our collection as a gift for a child? First of all, the products are made of the best quality ingredients, which guarantees the perfect taste and satisfaction of every child. In addition, each product from our collection is carefully designed and made, which makes it an ideal gift for younger fans of Star Wars.

To sum up, ours collection of products for children With the motif of Star Wars is the perfect gift for every young fan of this popular film saga. The products are made of the best ingredients, and their thematic packaging makes them an ideal gift for every child.

You can find the full offer here.

May the force be with you!

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