The best barbecue sets in the city! Check the Batida offer for the picnic.

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Are you looking for a delicious way for a picnic barbecue? Take advantage of the offer prepared by the chef, Marzena Hajn.


You will probably agree with us that in the May period the time spent with loved ones is the most important. Hence, we have created for you grill catering sets in various flavor variants, which are aimed at not only adding the first breeze to the barbecue season, but also allow you to save even more in common moments.

Knowing the perfectly culinary fantasy of our chef, Marzena Hajn, you are able to imagine that these catering suggestions must be unique!

Four grill and picnic sets abound in various meat, fish and vegetarian proposals. You will not be disappointed with the sophisticated taste of light skewers with salmon and strawberry, aromatic lamb cutlets in rosemary or surprising sweetness of apples with hand -prepared granola.

The taste buds have already started, right? Check our catering as soon as possiblesnack offer for a picnic!

In intentions, we were to extract all spring flavors from the presented catering sets on the grill and picnic, but also sink in the diversity of the world's cuisine, which we present on a daily basis under the banida. We are constantly wondering which barbecue set will be your favorite during the May moments.

Don't forget to share your impressions with us after feasting with your loved ones.

1. Catering PIK setNIK Sun & Fun

Take a blanket, a bottle of your favorite wine, a set of delicious from Batida and on your way!

This is a set filled with light lunch suggestions.

- filling semi-barrels with rostber and pesto made of dried tomatoes in a composition with a bouquet of fresh vegetables,

- Delicious and fluffy Croissants with baked turkey with the addition of fresh basil pesto, sweet and sour dried cranberry, prepared in the Batidy kitchen with onion jam with apricot and green like May Rapper,

- fresh salad of juicy watermelon, Greek fete and aromatic mint,

- crispy triangles of Foccacia and Brioche Sucre, which you already know perfectly well from our stationary offer,

- lubricants and sauces: hummus with handball oil, tzatziki and pesto from fresh basil,

- Ending the combination, we focus on fruit - fresh strawberries and grapes, and healthy rhubarb -bruise smoothies with honey.


2. Catering set Grill & chill

As the name suggests, to enjoy the flavors, all you have to do is light a grill and give in to chill picnic times. You can choose from grill frikes in:

- two types of burgers, meat - beef and vegetarian - beetroot; Importantly, we add to the set all the additions needed to compose your unique hamburgers,

- full of aromas of ribs in marinade of drinking honey and dried plum,

- traditional skewers with chicken breast morsels, fresh pieces of onion, zucchini and peppers,

- Tasty potatoes in uniforms with herb cheese, radish, dill and green pepper,

- colorful salad with a bouquet of spring vegetables and a basket of fresh fruit,

- meat sauces and lettuce: BBQ sauce, tzatzyk and garlic.



3. Catering grill kit Fish & more

We promise that as lovers of sea rarities, you will sink in this proposal to the top of the taste buds:

- trout entirely with fresh lemon and lime, celery and herbal butter melting on the grill,

- delicate skewers of salmon particles, wrapped with fresh strawberry and zucchini in honey, lime and tarragon,

- shrimp in a pouch with tomatoes, carrots, fennel, garlic and chili,

- salad with smoked cheese with fresh and dried tomatoes in the aroma of herbs,

- slightly spicy potatoes in uniforms with cheese herbal, radish and red pepper,

- Tabbouleh salad with baked cauliflower sprinkled with a hand -made chive olive oil,

- brioche butter bread with honey and roasted almonds

- Fish sauces set.


4. Catering grill kit Premium

List of products from the highest culinary shelves. Exquisite flavors that are not everyday life, so even more allow yourself in an unusual picnic atmosphere.

The barbecue set includes:

- delicate and juicy meat of lamb cutlets in aromatic rosemary and cloves of garlic,

- octopus in reduction from red wine, marinade from celery and garlic,

- delicate beef cheeks in wine sauce with rosemary and juniper,

- fresh sweet potatoes with thyme and sage,

- Halloi cheese in Provencal herbs with dried tomatoes,

- Goat cheese lettuce, red currant, raspberries and strawberries,

- fresh apple stuffed with pistachio granola, nuts and honey,

- Bao buns with sauces and tomato salsa.

Do you already feel all these aromas floating with smoke over a sizzling grate? This is the moment when in the imagination we transfer you to the upcoming May time and let you escape to the grill moments that we will spend in Warsaw gardens soon!

Eco boxes in which we will pack grill sets They are comfortable enough to take them with you, wherever your legs are carried.

Catering with home delivery is not only a tasty, but also a quick way to extend common moments with loved ones. You can find the whole offer in ours e-shopwhere you can easily order your favorite catering set for a picnic grill. Remember that our irreplaceable drivers will provide your orders throughout Warsaw and the surrounding area directly to your door, not to say that straight to garden tables. We deliver all products in cars that ensure complete safety.

See you on your picnic Garden Party!

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