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We put health first. We are convinced that fresh and light The flavors composed in new dishes will quickly go to your tastes. The dishes are filled vegetables and fruits and are inspired by corners from around the world.

Are you interested in what we have prepared for you and your loved ones? Check out new bowle, salads, dumplings, dumplings - all these suggestions are already available for you in e-shop Batida. There is nothing simpler than order dishes with home or office delivery.

1. Healthy Bowle.

After the first tastings, our surprise about the variety of seasonal flavors Bowli was huge. We have a palette of flavors for you, which first will diversify your diet in rich nutritional values It is needed every day for the proper functioning of the body, secondly, it will add color diet and fantastic flavors.

Bowl with falafel.

A bowl full of flavors inspired by the Middle East. Delicious, oriental in taste of chickpea falafels in the company of wholemeal spaghetti, fresh cherry tomatoes, thickly cut chives, rocket and marinated cranberry poured with sauce with tahini paste.

Summer bowl with fruit

The quintessence of taste extracted from fruit - strawberries, figs, apricots, avocado and mozzarella balls with basil. Fruit madness is served on the wholemeal spaghetti. The dot above the multi -fruit edition of the dish is raspberry balsamic sauce.

Bowl vegan

A bowl filled only with vegetable products - light ingredients prepared from fresh vegetables. The dish is composed of white quinoa, roasted cauliflower and zucchini, freshly chopped cabbage with the addition of neoplasms in the form of radish and thickly cut chives. The lime-diet vinaigrette adds a taste of freshness.


Salmon salad

Salad filled with summer colors. It is filling and at the same time very tasty. We guarantee that the gourmets of fish flavors will discover something for themselves. Roasted morsels of salmon fantastically harmonize here with slices of fresh yellow zucchini, cucumber and carrots with a mix of salads, pomegranate and blueberry fruit and black sesame seeds. A light yogurt sauce with tarragon and honey brings out a fish taste.


2. Flour dishes.

Two wonderful women from a dry kitchen composed Fantastic flavors of flour dishes. You can feel the aroma of summer here. Three new flavors that should be on your shopping list - #musttry!

Dumplings with strawberries

Flexible dough made by hand, filled with sweet stuffing prepared from Polish cottage cheese, fresh strawberries and refreshing mint. Do you already feel this taste? We will surprise even more because we added a delicious English vanilla sauce to it. We promise you to melt in youm taste. Pierogi This is a great proposition for dinner that you can take with you to take out.

Dumplings with apricot and tarragon

Softe cake dumplings It is filled with sweet apricot and fresh tarragon, which contrasts sharply with the taste of fruit. The dumplings are baked in crunchy coating. Our chefs added an English vanilla sauce to the whole, which goes fantastically with dumpling stuffing.

This is a great proposition for a filling dinner with loved ones.

Dumplings with berries.

This is our seasonal hit - we are all looking forward to him every summer. Queen berries as soon as they enter the culinary salons, they disappear from them so quickly, the more we encourage you to be as soon as possible He tried them in our edition.


If you haven't tried yetour novelties, we suggest that all dishes are available in Batida online store. We deliver them to the address indicated to your home or office. We deliver in Warsaw and the surrounding area. Ready dishes Take Away They are also available in Batida stationary boutiques.


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