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We have several important reasons to be proud. Living at that time and in the era of a threat of a climate disaster We go out above the schemes And we change for the Mother of the Earth and for you, those who consciously look into the future. Changes always happen in small steps, so it was with us.

Climate change is a tangible problem that reaches each of us. In each of us there is also strength to add your brick and support the process of reducing the effects of these changes. Some time ago we decided to take the proverbial glove. We will tell you below what has changed with us and how much pride in us that we have reached this moment.

The surplus of food that has remainedher after each day, Batidy guests can buy cheaper in applications and Applications allow maximum limitation of food losses, with proper optimization of purchases of goods needed for them production.

2. Forecast sales

Sustainable and manual production process - for years we have been able to develop the appropriate, An effective sales forecast, which provides as little losses from produced dishes.


3rd seasonality and locality.

Our menu is based on seasonal and local products, which allows us to limit the carbon trace Established in the transport of raw materials needed to produce our dishes.


4. Biodegradation

We offer in boutiques in Warsaw and Konstancin take -out lunche in packaging made of plantswhich can be subject to process biodegradation.

5. Less Waste

Products that you will find in the collection Delicatessen, in 80% we pack in glass or biodegradable packaging. We pack your take -out shopping in paper bags.


6. Batida is dog friendly

Each guest can come to our boutiques with with your pet, we have a bowl of water for them, a shadow under an umbrella in our garden and employee -friendly animals.



7. STOP Plastic

We use glass and paper straws and wooden cutlery. We serve to take out in biodegradable cups.



In Batida Head Pastry Chef, Mira Bogucka and Executive Chef, Marzena Hajn use products until the very end.

Examples: We make breadcrumbs of our own bread, from the stored vegetables, we prepare a vegetable broth.



Living in consciousness allows us not only to live healthy, but also to make changes and shape the surrounding surroundings. In small steps and We want to participate in subsequent changes together.



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