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Plant cuisine is a new lifestyle for me. Since when did I stop eating meat duringPregnancy, exactly a year ago, a lot has changed. Initially, my motivation was onlyHealth issues, right behind them ecological considerations and of course animal rights.

Because a plant diet is a way out that everyone is good, I feel today,that when cooking vegan for family and friends, I emphasize important values ​​for me. It's a sparkwhich gives me motivations to work. I feel fulfilled because I finally make a positive gesturein all important areas for me.

During the menu creation, I always use products close to my heart: those whichThey are always present in my fridge. I think they add an unusual tastevegetable dishes, and they replace me with a meat kitchen and its flavors in 110%. Spices are the basis of vegan cuisine.

My gastronomic "I" was born on specific textures and flavors without which I can't live. I love our Polish traditions, but I want to change myself and my kitchen: go with the times creating new trends and standards in accordance with the evolution of the environment. I think the current generation of bossesThe kitchen also has a great field in this respect - to give up tradition, and giveGastronomy new run.

Plant cuisine is exactly what I had to satisfy the hunger for creativity every day, get to know the flavors that allow me to feel like a child discovering gastronomy for the first time.

In vegan cuisine, it is also important to balance the nutritional value it providesfor all the ingredients necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

I also pay a lot of attention to products supporting immunity, such as ginger,Turmeric or garlic. Therefore, when I discovered a vegetable cuisine in Vancouver, I based on high quality ingredients. The current current of vegan cuisine is very well developed, there is no problem with their availability.

In Poland, I had to look a little but I had a huge motivation: to move the flavors from Canada well known to Batida's kitchen. It worked!

I invite you in a trip with me For the original seasonal version of vegetable cuisine created on the basis of healthy ingredients that will strengthen your immunity at this autumn time.

Adrianna Jund

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