Gallette des Rois, or how to become a king

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During Christmas and immediately after the New Year you can notice unusual, high in Batidy boutiquesE puff pastry, which appears only during this period of the year. This Gallette des Rois, That is a French, round cake fragrant with a delicious almond cream with a porcelain surprise inside.

To say about him that this is only a cake is definitely not enough, because the tradition of preparing a galley dates back to France in the fourteenth century. In France, on the occasion of the Epiphany, the cake was prepared in almost every home. By baking him and sharing him with his loved ones, three wise men were worshiped - Kaspr, Melchior and Baltazar, who came to worship Jesus.

At the beginning of tradition, there was one bean or bean grain in each dough. A person who discovered this grain in his piece became a "king" or "queen" on that day and wore a specially prepared crown. With time, the grains were replaced with figurines and at the end of the 18th century porcelain decorations appeared in the Christmas period referring to the Christmas period.

Three Kings cake, because often that's whatis he Gallette des Rois, They were also prepared at the Royal Court in Paris. A woman who found a grain or figurine in her piece for one day became the queen of France and the king had to fulfill her one wish.

There is another custom with this unusual cake. Traditionally, the dough was divided as much as the participants were adding one portion. It was intended for the first poor man who would knock on the door.

Nowadays, the Three Kings Cake is a great fun especially for the youngest.

Figures hidden in dough show, among others Animals, popular heroes from fairy tales, cartoons, characters from the crib in Bethlehem and often have a collector's value.

In Poland 06.01 is a day off from work and maybe it is a good excuse to try Gallette des Rois prepared by Batiga and AThat someone would feel the king that day?

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