Let's celebrate International Cheesecake Day in our confectioneries!

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Expensive gourmets and gourmets from Warsaw, a special day is approaching for all lovers of sweetness - International Cheesecake Day! 🍰

This is a great opportunity to pay tribute to this classic dessert, which pampers us with its consistency and wealth of flavors. In the Warsaw confectionery we have prepared for you real culinary pearls that will take you into a cheesecake paradise. Get ready for a unique experience for your palates!

Why is cheesecake the quintessence of desserts?

Cheesecake is not only a regular dessert - it is a real quintessence of sweets and taste. Its soft, velvety consistency combined with a variety of additives makes the cheesecake a unique choice for every gourmet. In our cheesecake proposals, we combined tradition with modernity so that everyone can find something for themselves.

Our unique cheesecake suggestions.

🍵 Matcha tea cheesecake - We start with a delicate crumble with matcha tea, which will take you into the magical world of the orient. Velvet cheese filling with a hint of matcha, decorated with fresh raspberries, is a combination that will enchant even the most demanding palates.

matcha cheesecake


🍇 Berry cheesecake with blackberries - juicy berries and sweet blackberries dance on a delicate bottom, adding to this cheese the exceptional sweetness and freshness. This is an excellent choice for family meetings, outdoor picnics or romantic evenings under the stars.

Blueberry cheesecake

🍯 Cheesecake with halva and blueberry - The sophisticated tradition meets modernity in the taste of halva and blueberries. It is a combination that will delight you with its subtlety and harmony of flavors. Perfect for all kinds of celebrations!

Cheesecake with halva and blueberry


🍋 lemon cheesecake - Fixed lemon and velvet cheese filling - this is a real joy on every bite! This cheesecake is a combination of freshness and delicate sweetness that will arouse the admiration of your senses.

lemon cheesecake

Let's celebrate a cheesecake day with heavenly flavors in the Warsaw confectionery!

From Thursday, July 20, we are starting the pre-order of our cheesecakes online in the Warsaw confectionery. You can also visit our stationary confectionery from Friday, July 28, until Sunday, July 30, to buy your favorite cheesecake flavors and celebrate this unique weekend full of heavenly flavors!

We invite you to our cheesecake world in the Warsaw confectionery, where delightful flavors await you that will charm your palates and provide an unforgettable experience! Do not miss this culinary feasts - let's celebrate a cheesecake day with heavenly flavors!

We hope that our cheesecake suggestions will delight you and make International Cheesecake Day really special. See you in our confectionery and on the website!

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dzień sernika sernik

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