Rose on the occasion of Women's Day

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Women's Day is a special holiday that is an opportunity to make wishes and thank you for the fact that women are present in our lives. It is also a time when it is worth thinking about gifts that will make joy and will be an expression of respect for the beauty and strength of women. This year, we offer a unique rose -shaped cake that will be available in all our stationary confectioneries.

Rose is a symbol of femininity and beauty, which has been associated with love, romanticism and mystery for centuries. In the kitchen, he also finds its place - as an inspiration for creating unique and elegant desserts.

Our rose -shaped cake is not only a combination of beautiful, but also taste. Inside the dough there is a delicate mousse, which was supplemented with a strawberry insert and a vanilla sponge cake. All these ingredients create a harmonious and unique duo of flavors, which will definitely delight every palate.


For us, femininity is not only delicacy and beauty, but also strength, determination and passion. That is why we offer our rose -shaped cake as an ideal gift for every woman who values ​​herself The beauty and taste of exceptional sweets. It is also a great way to express your thanks to a woman who is important to us and who always supports us.

Rose -shaped cake is not only a unique taste and beautiful form, but also an elegant and stylish packaging. It has been designed to look extremely aesthetically and pay attention to its uniqueness. Closed portion, rose -shaped cake is an ideal gift for every woman who values ​​good taste and beauty.

We cordially invite you to ours stationary confectionery Tomorrow, March 8, where a unique rose -shaped cake will be available.

Flowers on the occasion of Women's Day are always a good idea, but if the flowers are edible and from the best chocolate - it's a double joy. Come and see for yourself how a great gift our rose -shaped cake will be for every woman!

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