Slow hanger steak
Slow hanger steak
Slow hanger steak
Slow hanger steak

Slow hanger steak

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Product from the Batida X collection Dominik Moskalenko.

This year, we are pleased to present to you Batida's cooperation with Dominik Moskalenko - chef and culinary expert. All products are prepared in Slow version, using only natural ingredients. In addition, they are also gluten -free and without the addition of sugar.

Another product that we are pleased to present is Slow Cook meat - a slow cooked candle, i.e. a hanger Steak. One of the most delicious steaks - delicate and juicy.

In combination with one of the sauces: hunting, thyme or pepper it is an absolute rarity.

Additional information:
Packaging: vacuum packed, doypack
weight: 250g
Composition: beef candle (92%), soy sauce (water, sugar, soy protein hydrolyzate, salt, vinegar, roasted sugar), dried vegetables (onions, garlic), salt

Simple preparation in 3 ways:

- In the oven: set the temperature to 200 degrees, put the prepared meat into the preheated oven, puncturing the foil that allows proper baking. Bake for 20-30 minutes.

- in the microwave: Leave the meat in a previously punctured foil, set the time for 5 minutes and a minimum power of 700W

- in a pot: boil the water to the boiling point, then put the product without unpacking it from the foil. Cook for 10 minutes.

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