Mazurek Matcha
Mazurek Matcha
Mazurek Matcha
Mazurek Matcha
Mazurek Matcha
Mazurek Matcha

Mazurek Matcha

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Matcha mazurek is a great proposition for lovers of original taste combinations. The base of the dough is the traditional shortcrust almond cake, which includes three important elements that affect its final taste.

The first of them is Crème Marajaja, which is a delicate cream with the taste of exotic passion fruit. In combination with fragile cake, it creates the perfect harmony of flavors, which will certainly satisfy every palate.

The second addition is a ganache with matcha tea, i.e. a combination of smooth and creamy cocoa ganache with a delicate taste of matcha green tea. This addition enriches the taste of cake with notes of green tea (Moya Matcha), which harmoniously combine with the other ingredients.

The last element in this mazurk is sesame crunch, which gives it an interesting contrast and crunchiness. This add -on introduces a subtle taste of nuts and additionally diversifies the texture of the cake.

Order with implementation from April 1-8.

  • gluten
  • orzechy laskowe
  • sezam
  • orzechy ziemne
  • jaja
  • mleko
  • soja

18 cm in diameter: 6-8 portions


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