Botwinka cream
Botwinka cream
Botwinka cream
Botwinka cream

Botwinka cream

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Collection of snacks and dishes for the Easter table. 🌷

Botwinka cream is a dish with a unique taste and aroma that is hard to resist. In the composition of this cream we will find young beets, which give it a characteristic, sweet taste, as well as butter, which gives it a creamy consistency and a subtle nut note.

Additions such as dill, carrots, celery and onions introduce herbal and vegetable notes into the cream that complement the taste of beets. Bay leaf and allspice add a light aroma of spices that does not dominate, but harmoniously fits into a whole flavor dish.

Botwinka cream is also enriched with mushrooms that add a mild taste to it and parsley, which gives it freshness and delicacy. All ingredients together create a complex, but at the same time a well -balanced taste, which can be described as sweet, creamy, with a slight hint of herbs and vegetables.

Additional information:
Packaging: jar
weight: 300ml or 700ml

Order with implementation from April 7-8.

Composition: young beets, butter, dill, carrots, celery, onions, bay leaf, allspice, parsley, mushrooms


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