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Undoubtedly, breakfast together is the most important meal during Easter.

What to choose for an Easter table so that their loved ones would be delighted and remember this Christmas for a long time? We have prepared the Easter must have by Batida - enter these dishes to your Easter menu, and we assure you that everyone sitting at the common table will be enchanted.

1. Soup with white sausage

I don't think we will surprise anyone with the first place in our Easter must have, because Żur is the undisputed king of Christmas breakfast.

It is often that family, morning feast at a common table begins with him.

CHOCK CHECTIONni, Marzena Hajn this year has prepared a real Poland soup on your own sourdough. It is mandatory with an egg - a kindergarten from ecological free catwalks and a white sausage from locals.

The decoction has prepared on smoked ribs and smoked bacon, there are no half measures here - sour soup must be aromatic! The taste turns up horseradish, garlic and marjoram. You have to try it!


2. Stuffed eggs

Stuffed, soft, in a t -shirt, hard -boiled - undoubtedly the eggs are the basis of the Easter table. When buying eggs or choosing products with eggs from local catering companies or restaurants, be sure to find out what eggs are used to prepare dishes.

Always choose places where zeros are used - these are eggs from happy taps of free, ecological catwalk. In the studio and kitchen Batida We are using only such eggs.

This year, you will find Batidy's offer stuffed eggs Five pastes that we chose together from many proposals prepared for the annual pre -Christmas tasting.

Each of these pastes is dedicated to different taste tastes. For those who like classics and traditional flavors, the best option will be the best option with a country ham from locals, egg and onion or egg. For fans of mushrooms with a mushroom, coriander and paprika, for fish fans definitely smoked salmon with avocado and lime, and for those who like modern variations, the best choice will be the herbal paste from Wasabi.


3. Pate

A must -have snack or lubricant on the Easter table. In many homes, also served hot with tartar sauce, roast sauce or red onion jam. He often claims to the favorite of guests sitting at the common table.

This year in Batida pate in four scenes. Pork-pot with green pepper, pork-pot with plum, duck with cranberry and something for vegetarians-lentil pate with aromatic cumin and vegetables.



4. Mazurek

What can you write here, no doubt Mazurek is a sweet showcase of Easter.

Prepared by many different techniques with a hundred flavored compositions.

In this year's Batidy offer for Easter you will find both limited and iconic proposals for the Easter table prepared by Head Pastry Chef, Mira Bogucka and her team.

Mazurek with dried fruit Batidy has been offered for many years, any modification of this favorite by our customers of Easter cake would be associated with a considerable picket in front of our boutiques, which is why we called it a cult and in an unchanged form appears again in our proposals.

The second one that will appear on the tables this year nut mazurek On shortcrust pastry with peanut butter, white chocolate and feuilletine - in free translation - a crispy shit based on nut paste and milk chocolate.


Do you feel like more?


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