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Winter leek can give many hardened Hercules a bone. Yes, Yes. No one will admit, but more often he will look into our boutique counter to hit the central dopamine point with double power with sweet winter flavors. Every day we wait ready to provide you with an additional dose of happiness in the sweetest form. We have several winter items for you collection of cakes and mono portionin which the flavors you will find nut satisfaction or chocolate pleasure.

We present you the classics of the winter season. It's positions in the style #musteat. It could be considered that winter without them does not matter much. They make the memories of many of you. You come back to these sweet flavors often and remember their surprising repetition, as if the same person was invariably made. So it is! It is thanks to the Head Pastry Chef, Mira Bogucka, her team and several dozen years of work we offer you the same taste for years. There is a secret in this stability.

For a reason, chocolate is a ingredient in winter cakes. It's easy to get worse in winter. The days are short, and a small amount of sunlight can affect mood. Thus, rainy and frosty days do not encourage. Chocolate is one of those ingredients that improves our well -being. It is thanks to the high content of magnesium, iron and antioxidants. The taste and smell of chocolate also affect the improvement of humor. With winter flavors of cakes we will not allow you to chand!


Chocolate mousse is a classic, which your mothers still remember and you remember him as the taste of childhood. Most importantly, you say it is unchanging, which is why you choose it so often for all occasions. The foundation of the cookie is a fluffy chocolate sponge cake, which it creates a perfect chocolate composition with the cream chocolate mousse. We have prepared the mousse based on high -quality chocolate with a content of 70% Belgian cocoa by Barry Callebaut. The dough is covered with wavy pieces of milk and white chocolate on top. We are heard that the first bite takes you to the intensive world of flavors. The sound of crushed chocolate and sublime taste give the only uniqueness.


Duets have it that they always go hand in hand. It is no different in this connection. Linking two delicate flavors of milk and white chocolate in fluffy mousses, embedded on a vanilla sponge cake. Everything on the very top decorated with crunchy chase based on nut paste and milk chocolate. SMAK Duo It is balanced, truly chocolate, delicious without a doubt. Since he appeared in Batidy counters, you're lost. Cake created for every occasion, but what would everyday life be without it?


Are you wondering what cake will delight your guests during a joint meeting? We are rushing with the answer! Yuzu This is one of our bravest flavors. All because of this small fruit from the citrus family, which is said that its taste is condensed by the flavors of each citrus a bit. Its fruit may be small, but it has more vitamin C than lemon, which as one of the main ingredients of many winter infusions reigns in Polish homes. The delightfully creamy chocolate mousse is broken by the acid coulis with the taste of yuzu fruit. Fluffy chocolate sponge cake with chocolate nibs fits perfectly with the mousse. On the upper layer of the dough, crunchy charcs are proudly based on nut paste, milk chocolate and black sesame. We think that the bitterness of sesame is a great breakthrough of a sweet - sour taste. Let your winter fantasy be carried and order a cake through online shop Straight to the address indicated.

Golden walnut

Undoubtedly, nuts are typically associated in winter. Summer - autumn sets of nuts abound in winter in the winter. On winter days, covered with warm blankets, we often sit with a bowl filled with pfor the banks with different types of nuts. We grab the nutcracker in the hands of the nutcracker and eat family in front of your favorite series. Hazelnut was also an inspiration for the boss of the confectionery, Mira Bogucka to create the perfect taste. Golden walnut It is a delicate mousse filled with Feuilletine cream. The contents of the dough are confectionery closed in the taste of hazelnut. The best proof of this is its shape. He looks like a hazelnut.


For common winter moments we invite you to our boutiques in Krakowskie Przedmieście, in the Koszyki hall and in the old paper mill. You can find more sweets in uswith online store. We will deliver your order to the address you indicated in Warsaw and the surrounding area.

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