New proposals of lunch dishes with delivery already available in the ON - Line store.

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Since we have launched the possibility of delivery of our dishes to your home, more and more interest is arousing Denmark Take Away, prepared in the form of healthy and tasty lunch.

Executive Chef, Marzena Hajn, composed completely new flavors in several editions of lunch dishes. Meat, fish, vegetarian and light salad suggestions. Fusion of sophisticated connections and unconventional flavors. You are curious what new we have for you in ours online store? Check now!

1. Excellent meat dishes.

In a wide range of new lunch dishes, we offer you delicious meat dishes enriched with a palette of vegetable flavors. Oriental chicken in curry sauce with chickpeas served on beetroot puree along with smoked paprika and the original millet grandmother. This version of lunch is a unique dish for gourmets of Middle Eastern cuisine. Are you already leaking the proverbial saliva at the very thought of these flavors?


Another proposal is juicy, Park roasted in herbs for a long time, served in own sauce. The meat is served with carrot caramelized in honey and spinach potato dumplings. A traditional dish served in an extremely tasty edition.

Baked e -lephaxes made of pork tenderloin in a cream sauce from mushrooms. The chef, Marzena Hajn, serves a dish with baked French potatoes and yellow green beans and blanched broccoli in breadcrumbs. The combination of flavors of this dish brings to mind a homemade dinner and it tastes like that too. You will order dishes in ON store - line with delivery to the address indicated in Warsaw and the surrounding area,


Gently Baked zander fillet In herbs together with lemon grass, poured with lemon sauce with colorful cherry tomatoes. It fits perfectly with ragout fish from colorful zucchini. The lemon sauce gives freshness and pulls out the best of taste.



2. Light salads.

Salad with melon with honey -lemon sauce This is a light proposal for a fruit and vegetable bouquet. The leitmotus is a juicy melon with sweet blueberry. Chocolate tomatoes with their slightly sweet taste turn up the fruity duo. Honey - lemon sauce In its sweet - acid release is like the icing on the cake.



3. Flour dishes.

Inspired by the end of summer and already emerging around the corner in autumn, dumplings stuffed with sweet plums with Hungarian sprinkled with the oriental taste of cinnamon. Handmade by our master in the flour dishes section, Anna Wyszogradzka. The English vanilla sauce is a complement to the plum taste.


All new products, but also our classics with ON - Line store You will order with home or office delivery in Warsaw and the surrounding area. You can compose yours lunches and dinners in any dishes filled with a variety of flavors. We also invite you to Batida boutiques where you will take your favorite take -out lunch.

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