For Grandma and Grandpa's Day, give something special.

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Grandma's Day and Grandpa's Day in our opinion are one of the most important days of the year. That is why we have something special for these special people. Give them something most valuable on these days, your presence. Shared moments with Batidy desserts They will not forget these common moments for long.

The very idea of ​​grandmother and grandfather thoughts begin to blush. These are those who always have good advice, warm tea and time for you for long talks. Their stories about past times are fascinated every time. Many times when they come back in memories to the moments of their childhood, you listen to all these unbelievable stories with interest. In their hearts there is an infinite amount of space for selfless care.Batids desserts prepared for this special occasion will undoubtedly make your grandmother and your grandfather a smile.


Rose meringue with raspberries is a dessert prepared for your grandmother

Are you wondering how to make January 21 a unique for your grandmother this year? Head Pastry Chef, Mira Bogucka, approached the topic with a large degree of fantasy. Pavlova filled the fragile and sweet meringue with a delicate cream. The characteristic taste of the rose completed with freshness of raspberries. A light composition came out of it, ideal for women's flavors. The presence of dried edible roses and peonies is not accidental. This is an additional accent to indicate the uniqueness of that day. The combination of sweets and flowers always gives an unforgettable effect and is associated with these precious situations in life.

We will all agree that today's world does not make it easier for us to contact our loved ones. In Batida you will always find a safe place so that shared moments with your loved ones are unforgettable for you.


Armagnac tart with plum, male taste for your grandfather

You can steal horses with your grandfather! He knows all the answers to the questions bothering you since childhood. It is a support for grandchildren in more than one gate situation. Chess games usually end with his defeat, despite the master's skills, just to give your grandson satisfaction. His resourcefulness and life councils in adult life save many situations. We decided that this male, mature character will be closed in the taste of tart armagnac with plum. Chocolate shortbread tarts are filled with chocolate cream with Armagnac taste accent, with the addition of plum jam and dried California plums.


Grandparents are usually great sweet gournds. Still warm, freshly pulled out of the oven, the dough is stolen first. Armagnac tart will be a great offer for Grandpa's Day. To be sure, book a table in one of our boutiques and spend this day with your grandfather or Place an order via e-store.



You will place the order for desserts specially prepared for Grandma's Day and Grandpa's Day in the online store today with the implementation from January 20. We will bring your purchases in Warsaw and the surrounding area.

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