Fall in love! - an original gift for Valentine's Day for her and for him

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Love consists of history, long stories, tender memories, friends of smells and places. If someone asked us what love is, without a shadow of a doubt we would answer that the definition of love is as many times a beautiful bond will arise between two people.
Here are some ideas for a Valentine's gift for her and him.

Sweetheart, or honey ...

A hit gift for Valentine's Day is a real challenge! Heart -shaped cake decorated with rose donuts, dining gold and French macaroons - can it be more romantic? Sweatheart is a guarantee of a successful romantic evening!
Love at first sight, or love at first sight

"Love at first sight exists only in movies" - we often hear it. We believe that cases do not exist. Love often comes at the least expected moment. Sometimes a split second is enough to feel this amazing attraction to another person. It is similar with Love at First Sight - an elegant, powder box filled with lots of flowers and French macaroons. This Valentine's gift idea is perfect as a thank you for your presence and unconditional love.

Full of love, i.e. full of love

When we are in love, everything makes us happy. If you want to thank your loved one for his closeness, Full of Love will undoubtedly cause an avalanche of emotions. An elegant metallic box is full of sweet love - 18 mini French macaroons and a heartbrachy of a heart -shaped almond cake decorated with donuts of roses, and in it a fluffy cream based on mascarpone, blackcurrant jam, a liqueur made of bitter oranges and fresh raspberries. It must be a hit!

Romantic Love, or romantic love
We want such love for everyone! Rose petals, a letter with a tender confession of love - if such a gift for Valentine's Day is in your style, then Romantic Love will be a great choice! Shortbread cookies in the shape of a heart decorated with dining flowers will be the perfect gift for a loved one and will definitely be appreciated by him.
Love at First Bite, or love from the first bite
You certainly know this state when the look from the first time makes baked goods appear on your face and the heart accelerates. It is similar with flavors - there are those that have been with us forever from the first bite. Love at First Bite is a mono portion, which we have filled with a mousse based on lychee and jam from wild strawberries. It did not lack a crunchy layer with almond butter and freeze -dried strawberry. This heart -shaped cake is sweet, sour and fragile - just like love.
Power of Love, or the power of love
Each of us wants beautiful, intense, the only one and forever. If KOClash someone tightly, express it! Perfect A gift for Valentine's Day There will be an elegant powder box filled with a composition of flowers and mini macaroons hidden in a retractable drawer. And if Valentine's Day turns out to be a great opportunity for a proposal, the box will be a great idea to hide the ring!
Each of us has our own, one and unforgettable one, to which we often want to return - old love. Valentine's Day is a day when we often return to memories. In our case, it is similar with this grated. We return to her for the second year in a row. Old Flame It is a combination of chocolate and orange. We filled the brittle chocolate bottom with a chocolate mousse and an aromatic orange jam. Tarts impresses with heart -shaped pralines, chocolate suede and edible gold. Maybe it's a good time for returns and an idea for a Valentine's gift for old love?
French Love, or French love
A romantic walk along the streets of Paris is undoubtedly one of the dream Valentine's Day Evening! It will be equally romantic to give a loved one a French macaroons filled with vanilla and raspberry ganache. Vive L'Amour!
Bubble Love, or bubble love
Chocolate as a Valentine's gift? Always and everywhere! We often remember her as gifts handed to the first sympathies. Bubble love to savoury, dessert taste broken with sweet and sour freeze strawberry, which will delight a loved one and will be a nice memory of early youth.
Gold Love, or Golden Love
Gold Love, or Golden Love

If we were to answer the question with what we associate gold, the first thing that comes to our minds is something very desirable, beautiful and noble. This is what love is! Gold Love is a dessert plate Chocolates filled with hazelnuts paste, and its surface is covered with dining gold. If you want to make a unique Valentine's Day gift on the day of lovers, Gold Love will get unrivaled gold!

Valentine's gift for a loved one, place today with the implementation of February 14 at sklep.batida.pl, and we will take care of the rest!

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